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Catch Up on Formstack's Key Product Updates from Q4 2018

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Happy 2019! We hope you had a great holiday season and fun times ringing in the New Year. We had a lot to celebrate in the last quarter of 2018. Here are some of the big things we were able to accomplish before the ball dropped.


We added a new feature to our Workflows add-on called Workspace. Workspace was created to give you a way to see and complete all your assigned tasks in one place. Say goodbye to searching through your inbox for Workflows assignment emails or pestering your Formstack admin to send you links. Check out the video below to learn more about this new release.

Need ideas on how you can use Workflows and Workspace? Here are a few:

  • Human Resources: Administer employee reviews and surveys and help managers keep track of all assignments in one place.
  • Education: Create a workflow to process student requests and help employees stay on top of them with their Workspace.
  • Healthcare: Streamline your patient intake forms and keep all incoming patient records easily accessible in a secure location.

Workspace is available for anyone with the Workflows add-on. For more information on Workflows and Workspace, read this blog post.

New Form Fields

We kept our momentum from the new form builder launch in July to bring you several new fields that you can use to enhance your forms.

Rating Field

We’ve made asking for reviews easier with the new Rating field. If you want to collect feedback from customers, patients, students, or anyone else, this field is perfect for you. The field lets you display one to ten stars or hearts and makes it easy for users to submit their feedback.

Formstack Rating Field

If you want to see our online form Rating field in action, check it out here, or read more about it here.

Credit Card Field

Payments are becoming easier than ever with the release of our new Credit Card field. We’ve updated our existing Credit Card field from three different fields into one simple field that will help users complete payments faster.

Formstack Credit Card Field

Releasing our new Credit Card field gets us one step closer to becoming a PCI compliant form builder. If you want to read more about the updated field and our path to becoming PCI compliant, check out this blog post.

Matrix Field

Field updates weren’t only for our platform product this past quarter. Our Salesforce app also got new field capabilities. In the Salesforce app, you can now ask questions using a matrix format. This can help you ask questions more efficiently and condense the length of your form. The new Matrix field is perfect for things like questionnaires and surveys.

Formstack Salesforce Forms Matrix Field

You can start using the Matrix field in app by selecting the “Matrix Field” display option in the Salesforce app. Check out the support doc for more information or read up on our Salesforce app here.

That’s not all!

PCI Deadline Extension: We extended the deadline to update your forms with our new Credit Card field to March 2019.

Images within Radio and Checkbox Fields: We’ve added the ability to use images in your Radio Button and Checkbox fields. This allows users to select images on your form rather than plain text. Check it out here.

Get Excited for 2019!

On top of all our releases, our support teams were squashing bugs and making sure you have the best experience in the platform. 2018 was a great year, and we saw a ton of updates to our form builder and other tools and add-ons. We have been planning out exciting things for 2019 and can’t wait to share them with you in the months to come.

Missed what Formstack did in the last quarter? Check out the link below to see what else Formstack did in 2018.


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