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Introducing the Formstack Portals Add-On

January 5, 2017
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Let's face it: getting information from groups of people is both difficult and time-consuming. You ask them to fill out an online form, and then you spend tons of time sending follow-up emails and tracking down the stragglers. We know your pain, because we've felt it too. That's why we created Formstack Portals. With Formstack's new Portals add-on, it is much easier to share selected forms with a group and track individual form completion progress. You even have the option to set due dates and automatic email reminders so no one misses a deadline! Whether you're sending forms to employees, students, or clients, Portals makes it simple to collect the responses you need.

Consolidate Your Forms and Set Deadlines

When there are multiple forms waiting for you in your email inbox, it can be tough to keep track of them, and remembering to fill each out before its deadline is another story. The Portals interface makes it easy for you to consolidate forms in your Formstack account and customize deadline dates or frequencies for each form. This way, people who need to fill out your forms are able to see them all at once, and they also have a clear understanding of when or how often they need to fill out each form. For example, forms like reimbursements and PTO requests do not need deadlines, while forms like annual reviews or an event RSVP might be due on December 15th.


Invite Users and Share Your Forms

You can tailor each Portal to different groups based on your form needs. For instance, you might have one Portal for employees and another Portal for event attendees. Below are two examples of Portals we use at Formstack. The Employee Onboarding Portal is for new employees, and the Employee Portal is a place for all employees to easily find commonly-used forms.


Your contacts do not need a Formstack account to participate in your Portals. Simply upload their emails individually or in bulk, or invite fellow Formstack users in your organization to the Portal with the click of a button. Inviting users to the Portal will send them an automatic email with a link to get started.

Track Form Responses and Send Reminders

Portals is designed to save you time in any situation where you need to collect information from a group of people. The days of manually sending out dozens of form links and reminder emails are finally gone! Portals allows you to see the form completion progress of individual group members and send reminder emails to anyone who still needs to complete your forms.


Interested in purchasing the Portals add-on for your Formstack account? Click below to connect with us and discover how Portals can streamline process workflows for your organization.


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