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How to Improve SaaS Sales Processes with Native Salesforce Forms

Abby Nieten
July 26, 2018
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If you work in sales, you’ve undoubtedly come across Salesforce—one of the most widely used CRM systems on the market. Salesforce is a powerful tool for sales teams as it houses and organizes essential data on potential and existing customers. This is particularly important for those in the SaaS industry, where tracking leads and managing subscriptions can be complex. One roadblock when using Salesforce to manage your sales cycle is the amount of data that needs to make its way into the CRM. It can be laborious to create new contacts, update existing records, or upload file attachments. The answer? A robust online form system. Unfortunately, Salesforce’s lead generation forms—such as Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case forms—are less-than-user-friendly and can be difficult to set up. They are also limited in terms of styling and customization, and they impose unnecessary daily submission limits.Fortunately, Formstack offers a native Salesforce form app that can greatly simplify your SaaS sales processes. Read on to discover some key ways Formstack can enhance the sales experience for both external and internal users.

External Data Capture

Formstack provides an easy-to-use, configurable solution for external, customer-facing forms. Here are a few ways these forms can help your sales team:

Lead Generation

The most basic way to use Formstack’s online forms in sales is for the initial contact with a potential customer. With intuitive styling tools, you can create a branded Salesforce Web-to-Lead form that collects prospect information and automatically creates or updates new lead records in Salesforce. When an external user submits the form, a new contact or lead record is automatically created.

Profile Updates and Data Hygiene

Formstack can also help you maintain accurate data and enhance contact and account records in Salesforce. For example, you can automate a post-sale email in Salesforce to verify information or ask for additional information to be completed. You can also create a workflow to trigger an annual verification to ensure that information hasn’t changed.Our Dynamic Prefill feature allows you to pre-populate Salesforce form fields with data you already have so that external users need only update the existing details and submit any additional information on the form. Upon submission, the corresponding Salesforce records are updated with the new information.

Post-Sale Feedback

Building a Salesforce survey is simple and fast with Formstack’s native app. One way to collect and monitor sales feedback is by generating surveys on Closed Won or Closed Lost Opportunities. Surveys can provide vital feedback for sales and marketing teams to fine-tune pitches and value propositions as well as to relay critical information to your product team.  Plus, you can easily build dashboards with your Salesforce survey data to monitor your progress over time.


Formstack Community Forms work really well with Salesforce communities. If your organization has a community portal where external users need to log in to securely update their information, Community Forms can make this more seamless. Using a simple form, users can upload documents, make payments, submit signatures, and more. Formstack allows for two-way data communication. Customers are not just submitting data that feeds into Salesforce. With Formstack and Salesforce Community Cloud, they can also self-manage their own information.

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Internal Operations

Formstack can also help streamline sales processes for users within your organization. Here are two important internal processes that are made easier with Formstack:

Data Sharing

Sales teams do not operate independently. Information is often passed from one department to another in support of company sales. When working with Salesforce, this can get quite complex and require vast knowledge of the entire Salesforce platform. However, with Formstack, you can use a simple form to pass data from one department to another within Salesforce. For instance, if your accounting team cannot access Salesforce, you can create a form for them to submit updated billing or vendor information without logging in to Salesforce. This can save thousands of dollars because you don’t have to purchase as many licenses for infrequent users.

Case Management

Another powerful internal use of Formstack is Salesforce case management. One of the most difficult tasks for sales reps is capturing necessary data while on a call—and then entering all that data into the correct location in Salesforce. This can be overwhelming and time-consuming to say the least. But with Formstack, you can create a call script form that uses certain fields from Salesforce, as well as Conditional Logic, to simplify case management workflows. Using a simple Web-to-Case form, you can quickly capture details as customers answer your questions. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about where all the information goes in Salesforce; it will correctly populate upon submission (updating multiple different objects at the same time if necessary). Formstack forms are also highly accessible, so reps can visit a standard landing page to fill out the script form, or they can access the form via unique encrypted links on the account or contact level. Of course, you can also embed a Web-to-Case form on any web page to enable customers to request help directly.

Both external and internal users benefit from simplified sales processes, which means you can close more deals faster. If you have a sales process Salesforce helps you track, Formstack’s native Salesforce app could be a powerful tool for your team. Ready to power up your Salesforce lead forms? Check us out on the app exchange or start a 14-day free trial today


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Abby Nieten
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