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Improving Your Government Workflows with Offline Mobile Forms

November 21, 2018
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When people think of government offices and government processes, they typically imagine dark, old, musty city centers filled with long paper government forms and manual processes.This perception is beginning to shift as governments are starting to create digital processes and travel outside their offices to interact with citizens in their area. Offline forms are allowing government employees all across the world to step away from their desks and internet connection and go out into the public where they can kick off government workflows and complete government forms.There are several government workflows that can be completed with offline forms. Here are three examples:

Government Permitting

Many types of building and inspection permits require government officials to visit remote sites. These work and building sites are typically in areas where internet and cellular services are unreliable or nonexistent. Offline form tools can be used to complete these forms and even take photos of sites. Once the inspection is complete, the data is stored on the mobile phone or tablet until the device is connected back to the internet, then it can be synced to connected integrations and databases.

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Election Polling

Many times grassroots election polling is done by volunteers knocking door to door and talking to voters about their candidate and popular policy issues. They capture this data on paper forms and then manually enter the information in a document when they get back to their headquarters. Offline forms can be used to capture this data using a political poll on a mobile device or tablet. Once the volunteer returns to headquarters and connects to the internet, they’re able to easily sync their submissions with Formstack and have the data tabulated instantly.

Health/Safety Inspection

There are times when governments will need to visit a business to complete a safety inspection. Even though most places of business have internet and Wi-Fi available, it can be a hassle to quickly and easily connect to it, and even then, you risk the event of it dropping or cutting out. Using offline forms to collect this data is a simple way to complete inspections efficiently. Forms can be added to offline mobile forms, and the inspector can easily complete these while onsite and then sync that data when they return to their office.

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Government organizations all over are changing the way they work in order to become more effective for the people who elected them. Offline forms are a simple way that government workers can get out of their offices and begin to capture data from their citizens.

Formstack provides a simple offline form solution with the Formstack Go mobile app and offline submission capabilities. You can add the Formstack Go app to any iOS or Android mobile phone or tablet and collect data offline with any of your existing Formstack forms.


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