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How Do You Know If Your Online Forms Are Secure?

February 3, 2018
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So your organization needs to collect information from clients …via your website. How can you be absolutely sure that the information is transferred from the users of your website to you safely?

Creating an online web form that has “secure” components requires more than just adding an SSL Certificate.  There are many elements to every form that must be completed before it is considered secure.

Key Security Features

We are going to take a look at five elements that Formstack uses to make sure your web form experience is safe and secure.

  1. 256-Bit SSL – This is the industry standard for viewing and sending sensitive information through a web browser. 256-bit encryption offers 216 additional bits of key length over 40 bit keys. This translates to a whopping 1.05312292 x 1065 additional combinations required for a brute-force crack.
  2. Data Encryption – Using mathematical calculations and algorithmic schemes, data encryption transforms plain text into cipher text, a form that is non-readable to unauthorized parties. The recipient of an encrypted message uses a key that triggers the algorithm mechanism to decrypt the data, transforming it to the original plain text version.
  3. PGP Email Encryption – This form of encryption automatically encrypts email as it is received and sent on desktops and/or laptops, without affecting the end-user email experience.
  4. Password Protected Forms – This allows only those with a specified password through, making it perfect for internal forms or private events.
  5. Invisible reCAPTCHA – This method requires end users to click a checkbox to confirm they are human. Through machine learning and risk analysis, reCAPTCHA is able to determine whether or not a person is a bot so it can block spam actions.

Security Compliances

In addition to offering the important security features listed above, Formstack also offers HIPAA compliance and GDPR compliance features. Our HIPAA plans include powerful security features, such as advanced data encryption, user-level permissions, audit logging, and dedicated security maintenance. Additionally, Formstack has several GDPR-friendly tools you can use to collect consent and document important information.

We want to provide the best experience for our customers, so if you have any questions, please contact us. For more information about Formstack's secure web forms, visit our security page.

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