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Infographic: Enhancing the Flow and Protection of ePHI

September 5, 2018
Min Read

In today’s era of digital documentation, it can be tough for healthcare professionals to find the right balance between efficient patient care and secure data handling. Many have moved to digital documentation to meet efficiency expectations, but this has opened the door to costly data breaches and HIPAA compliance violations.Since 2009, more than 2,100 healthcare data security breaches have been reported in the United States, exposing more than 176 million health records. What’s more, the leading cause of these breaches is hacking, followed by unauthorized access.With healthcare data at such high risk, providers must be diligent about keeping ePHI secure as it travels through their organizations. But how? We’ve created a healthcare infographic to give you an inside look at a seamless and secure process for digital documentation. Discover how HIPAA compliant online forms can help you safeguard patient data as you collect, consolidate, and move it through a series of streamlined workflows.

healthcare infographic: data flow and security

Securing healthcare data isn’t the only challenge associated with digital documentation. To learn more about improving online data management efforts at your healthcare organization, click below to dive into our mHealth white paper.


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