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Building a Service Agreement Workflow with Formstack Copilot

December 1, 2021
Min Read

Copilot is the newest of the Formstack puzzle!

Over the past year, we’ve been working on Copilot, specifically for our customers who need a workflow automation tool in their work back pocket to build solutions to everyday problems in minutes, not months.

With Copilot, solving the common workplace process of Service Agreements is a breeze. To accomplish this workflow you’ll need to build the Service Agreement form in Formstack Forms and the document to customize in Formstack Documents.

After you’ve built your form and document, you will head on over to Copilot to tie together your form and document alongside the signature step in the workflow builder! In this space, you’ll harness the power of Formstack and building workflows in a single space. Simply publish and you’re good to go.


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