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Formstack All Hands 2014: A Recap

September 26, 2014
Min Read

If you thought that the Formstack team gathered once a year to discuss upcoming projects, build teamwork, and create cheese puff beards, well … you’d be exactly right.

Remote employees from North Carolina, California, Poland, and more flew into our Indianapolis headquarters. The occasion? Our annual “All-Hands” team week! It was a terrific week to spend time together and to take steps toward the future of Formstack. Want to feel like you were there? Check out this first-person video from our week!

All Hands 2014


Here’s a quick run-down of some of the highlights:


We boarded the bus at 9:30 sharp and headed to Incrediplex for the ultimate Formstack field day! We participated in blindfolded challenges, tug of war, and scream races. It was a fun time to bond on mixed department teams. We also wore custom team t-shirts with personalized nicknames (also fantastic conversation starters). And of course, there was trash talking. Yes... even while playing Jenga.

game of jenga

The evening included dinner from the heavily hyped Yats, which did not disappoint. Before the garlic bread was gone, card games were off and running!


Wednesday was devoted to departments. Each team met to discuss goals and plans for the future. With remote teams, we valued this time to collaborate in the same room. Everyone had opportunity to take part and share how they can help Formstack to continue to improve and grow.Each department planned a special activity, like cooking classes or go-karting, for the afternoon. Our development team shared some of the wildest photos after their afternoon of skeet shooting!

Screenshot 2014-09-26 12.05.31


We weren’t sure exactly what to expect with Thursday morning’s agenda item: ComedySportz. Their improv facilitators led us through some incredible and fun team building activities. We struggled through tongue twisters and created our own version of the wave.

The exercises brought a lot of laughs and revealed characteristics for strong teams. We discussed listening, positivity, and creative brainstorming. We also came up with an amazing ad campaign for a haunted CD player for hipster children. Stay posted for that one!


After lunch, our Project Manger Alex Lopes gave an inspiring presentation on the future of Formstack. It was exciting to see how his conversations with customers have helped shape the future of the product. He outlined the direction we're headed to take Formstack to the next level.

We wrapped up our time together with dinner and bowling at Latitude 39. The week flew by, and it was such an important time to connect with staff and affirm our shared vision.

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