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4 Surprising Ways Conditional Logic Can Increase Conversions

Abby Nieten
May 20, 2015
Min Read

We all know Conditional Logic can transform your form from a lengthy, irrelevant string of questions to a snappy, targeted form. But there are other ways you can use conditional logic to treat your customers better and get more conversions. Let’s check out 4 overlooked ways you can boost conversions with conditional logic.

1. Personalize your form

Personalized marketing is becoming the norm, and customers are starting to expect it. Any way that you can customize the experience for your visitors, the more likely you are to see results.

How does that work for forms? Rather than overwhelming your customers with various feedback surveys, you might ask a couple qualifying questions up front. Then, if your respondent is a parent, for example, they might see a completely different form focused on different products than a user who identifies as a college student with no children.

2. Ask follow-up questions

If a form user admits they have not purchased anything from you recently or declines an add-on purchase, use Conditional Logic to ask a follow-up question. The information you learn from your existing customers can help you to make changes that may clinch future conversions.

For example, what if your customers say they love your product, but they have never recommended it to a friend? When you ask why, you may hear the response “no one I know could use this product.” This information may inspire you to create a marketing campaign of the different customer profiles who benefit from your product. As a result, more loyal customers may share and you’ll see your conversions rise.

3. Zero in on your marketing spend

"How did you hear about us?” We are all familiar with that question. In an effort to keep a form clean and accessible, response options are usually broad: Online Ad, Newspaper, Friend, etc. Once they choose a category, use Conditional Logic to dig deeper to find out where your best costumers are coming from.

When a user clicks Online Ad, for example, let it trigger a follow-up with a list of your current digital campaigns. See which ones are leaving valuable impressions. Ask the name of the friend, and use marketing dollars to incentive word-of-mouth referrals. Get more conversions when you invest in the marketing opportunities that are truly paying off.

4. Send better emails

Formstack’s logic capabilities also apply to Confirmation Emails. Email logic allows you to customize unique emails that trigger based on customers’ form responses. Think more creatively about how you can nurture leads in a more personalized manner using Email Logic. This strategy will help you move leads through your marketing and sales funnel towards more future conversions.

Conditional Logic can be used for more than just to hide an irrelevant field or two. Get savvy with this feature to walk your customers through a more personalized, higher-converting experience on your web forms.

Check out our Form Conversion Report down below to learn how you can more than double your conversion rates.


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Abby Nieten
As Senior Manager, Content Strategy, Abby leads an amazing team of marketing content creators toward a shared content vision. She's been growing with Formstack since 2015 and spent several years as a professional editor before that.
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