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4 Legal Newsletters to Subscribe to in 2019

Lacey Jackson
August 21, 2019
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Staying on top of proceedings, court rulings, and other changes in the legal industry is no easy feat. The legal profession requires rigorous academic study in order to be successful, but being constantly on call leaves professionals at the risk of exhaustion. In our fast-paced world, it's hard to stay on top of daily news, let alone manage the intricate details of industry updates. Luckily, we’ve entered the age of the newsletter where organizations will break down the information you need into less than 100 words and provide a link to a complete article.

The legal industry isn't exactly on top of the newsletter game. However, we've created a list of 4 ways you could recieve information directly to your email. Try subscribing to these newsletters to if you're ever feeling overwhelmed with the constant deluge of information.

If you’re interested in the big picture…

SCOTUSblog Daily Digest

This newsletter provides a daily review of legal news from across the spectrum. The focus of SCOTUSblog is predominantly on the Supreme Court, and subscribers receive daily updates containing 4 - 7 links from the most important Supreme Court related news from around the web.  The blog also features a wealth of SCOTUS content such as blog posts, podcasts, videos, and more.
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If you’re focused on local verdicts…

State-specific Newsletters    
Do a quick Google search to find what resources your state or local government provides on court rulings or other legal news. For example, Indiana, where Formstack has its headquarters, provides a few different resources. These include the Indiana Court Times, Indiana Court Case Clips, and a legislative updates blog. If you’re struggling to find a resource for your state, there are other options. For example, Wyoming has a great Supreme Court website, but doesn’t offer a way to receive updates from the site to your email inbox.  Justia Law provides a resource to get free daily opinion summaries from Federal District Courts and State Courts.
Check it out!

If you only want updates from your field of practice…

The National Law Review eNews Bulletin
The National Law Review works in collaboration leading lawyers and thought leaders to deliver subscribers with a tailored, subject matter expertise boiled down into newsletter form. Their newsletters focus on individual areas of practice such as biotech or tax law. If you want to ensure you’re getting the information you need about your specific field or industry, this is the newsletter for you. Select your field opt-in to get information from across all of the fields.  
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If you want a little bit of everything…

ABA Journal eNewsletter
The American Bar Association has been a trusted source for legal news for over 100 years with an award-winning, independent voice.  With their flagship magazine, the ABA Journal, the ABA provides an objective analysis of current issues and forecasts future changes for the legal profession. If you’re looking for a comprehensive source of legal news, the ABA Journal eNewsletter is for you.
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If you want to stay on top of changes across Formstack and Formstack Documents and learn more about how to use Formstack’s suite of workplace productivity tools, you can subscribe to the Formstack newsletter.

Formstack Documents makes it easy to generate legal documents such as contracts, NDAs, or even your own legal newsletter! You can get started with any of the Formstack Documents legal templates and more when you start a free trial today!


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Lacey Jackson
Lacey is a Product Marketing Manager at Formstack who is dedicated to creating content that showcases the power of the Formstack Platform. When she’s not creating Formstack Builders tutorials, she can be found reading, playing board games, or strolling with her dog. Lacey is a graduate of Franklin College.
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