A side-by-side comparison: Formstack vs. Eventbrite

What is the best Eventbrite alternative?

Formstack and Eventbrite are both great event form solutions. But while Eventbrite can help you sell tickets to your events, Formstack can do so much more. With Formstack's flexible form solution, event management is a breeze. Run entire events from start to finish, including planning, ticket sales, execution, and follow-up.

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Event Management made easy with Formstack

Step 1: Signups and Promotions

Whip up an event registration form to sell tickets, fill your guest list, and handle the logistics of event capacity with our easy-to-use alternative to Eventbrite. Be sure to include Event fields to ensure that registration is automatically closed if the event reaches capacity. Formstack forms can be shared on Facebook and Twitter for a wider reach.

Eventbrite alternative to event management

Step 2: Event Execution

Setting up a quick mobile form that guests can access from their phones can make it super easy to gather bids or payments during the course of your event. Just connect your form to a secure payment integration, like PayPal or Stripe, and watch the payments pour in. We also offer over 40+ form integrations and numerous form features at your disposal.

Formstack is the best alternative to Eventbrite Event Management

Step 3: Follow-Up

Make your events even greater by collecting attendee feedback after the event. Create a quick feedback survey and schedule it to go out the day after your event to collect the thoughts and opinions of your guests, especially while it’s still fresh on their minds.

Cost of Event Management Platforms

Let's say you have 50 attendees and you're selling tickets at $20 a piece. Your total revenue would be $1,000. Here's how your return on that revenue might decrease due to platform costs and transaction fees.

$59 per month.
$0 in transaction fees.

Total Cost: $59


2.5%($.50) + $0.59 per ticket
+ 3% of ticket price*

Total Cost: $84.50

*if you use Eventbrite payment processing

Easy-to-use event forms

Here are some examples of the event forms you can create with Formstack.

What are you waiting for? Take the hassle out of event management with Formstack.

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