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TB Screening Form

Reduce TB screening time by eliminating paperwork from the equation.

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For students, healthcare workers, volunteers, and many other types of employees, TB testing usually consists of annual or serial screenings. Periodic testing is often recommended as part of an organization’s overall TB infection control plan. If an organization requires high-volume TB testing, it's critical that the testing process is as streamlined as possible. Use this TB risk assessment questionnaire to quickly collect all the information you need from patients.

Stay HIPAA compliant.

Stay HIPAA compliant.

Formstack has excellent data security out of the box, but we also offer a HIPAA compliant solution so you can safely capture, store, and share healthcare information. Submissions can be exported and sent to a third party via our HIPAA compliant integrations or open API.

Eliminate paper processes.

Eliminate paper processes.

Removing paper forms from the start of a patient's visit is an easy win for your hospital or practice. Prior to a patient's arrival, send them a link to this TB screening form so they can share information on their medical history, risk factors, and symptoms.

Access your forms offline.

Access your forms offline.

When conducting TB screening during home visits, internet access may be limited, spotty, or nonexistent. Ensure your staff doesn't experience any roadblocks during TB testing by giving them easy-to-use forms that can be accessed and completed offline.

Share documents as needed.

Share documents as needed.

Tuberculosis screening results may need to be passed on to an HR department, school nurse, or healthcare employer. Use Formstack's notification email feature to automate communication and ensure TB screening data is seen by the right staff members.

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Streamline your healthcare data collection.

Indiana Health Group uses Formstack to efficiently onboard 90% of its new patients online. No messy paperwork required.

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