Social Work Intake Form Template

Easily collect information for case planning that helps you start client relationships off on the right foot.

Simplify your workflows

The intake process is often the first encounter that a client may have with a social worker, so it’s important to make a positive impression. Make the process easier for both staff and new clients by collecting data online. With this social work intake form template, you can collect all the information you need while at your office or out in the field. No paper, pens, or clipboards required.

Easily customize your form

This template is flexible and easy to edit. Simply drag and drop the fields you need depending on the requirements of your organization. Add a touch of professionalism with your company branding, or tweak other elements like fonts, buttons, and messaging. No coding or CSS knowledge needed!

Collect information offline

Free your staff from having to fill out messy paperwork. With the Formstack Go app, social workers can collect information from new clients in the office or in a client’s home, even if there’s no internet connection. All data will sync with your account automatically as soon as they reconnect to the web.

Generate custom documents

Use the information you collect from clients to automatically generate important intake documents and send them to the right people and places. With Formstack Documents, you can generate custom PDFs, Word docs, Excel sheets, and more with your form data and deliver them anywhere.

Streamline your intake workflow

Keep staff in the loop on new clients and cases by using your form to set up a seamless digital workflow. Multiple people can review, edit, and comment on the form so all questions and feedback can be kept in one location. Streamline your intake process, and eliminate long email threads.

If you look around, there are always going to be more ways you can use Formstack to reduce roadblocks and hurdles within your business.
Joseph Mitton
Director of Marketing and Communications at Select Security

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