Electronic Signatures for Nonprofit

Collect electronic signatures for nonprofits

Create seamless digital experiences that simplify signature collection and help you grow your cause.

Maximize your impact

When it comes to nonprofit work, nothing is more important than delivering on your mission. Expedite your impact, satisfy donors, and streamline volunteer efforts with Formstack Sign.

Less paperwork, more positive change

Our electronic signature tools for nonprofits allow you to boost your impact by reaching more donors and volunteers.
Make a difference faster
Make a difference faster

Spend less time on outdated manual processes so you can put your energy toward fulfilling your mission and helping others.

Leave an impact wherever you go
Leave an impact wherever you go

No matter where your nonprofit takes you, Formstack’s eSignature product makes it easy to be productive on the go using text or email.

Streamline support
Streamline support

Remove stress from donors and free up volunteer time by sending documents digitally for signature.

Make a difference faster
Communicate compliance

Build donor trust by keeping a regulatory compliant digital record of all document edits and signing activities.

Improve collaboration
Improve collaboration

Create digital signature processes that break down silos and let you work with several signers and approvers at once.

Set up auto-reminders
Set up auto-reminders

Collect signatures from donors and employees faster with the help of automatic email and text reminders.

Create a seamless donation process

When donations are made, it’s important to show donors how much their contribution means to the success of your organization. But sending a personalized thank you letter to every donor is not always feasible. Here’s an example of how Formstack can help you streamline the process.

A donor completes a digital donation form on your website. Their payment is automatically routed to your preferred payment provider.


The donor’s information is also automatically populated into a thank-you letter. This generated letter is sent to a member of your team for review and signature via Formstack Sign.


After the letter has been approved and signed, it is emailed to the donor and a copy is also sent to your nonprofit’s cloud storage system for safekeeping.


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