Electronic Signatures for Government

Collect electronic signatures for government

Simplify processes and better meet the needs of your community with paper-free signature workflows.

Make a difference

When you work in government, public service is your calling. With our electronic signature for government solution, you’ll spend less time on paperwork and more time making an impact for your community.

Streamline your government workflows

Create seamless government processes that help you stay organized and meet the needs of your citizens more quickly.
Serve your community faster
Serve your community faster

Eliminate manual work and open up more time to focus on your community with an easy-to-use electronic signature for government solution.

Improve the constituent experience
Improve the constituent experience

Show constituents how important they are by handling communications and paperwork swiftly—no printing, faxing, or scanning required.

Keep data secure
Keep data secure

Government processes often involve sensitive data. Formstack uses multiple compliance and security measures to protect your information, including SSL and encryption.

Serve your community faster
Go mobile

Meet constituents where they are with on-the-go access that enables you to send and sign documents via text or email–no matter where public service takes you.

Optimize processes
Optimize processes

Use signature tracking to identify bottlenecks in your processes and discover new ways to simplify the management of applications, permits, claims, and more.

Get access to Salesforce
Get access to Salesforce

Need a solution that works with Salesforce Government Cloud? Our Salesforce app can help you manage data with ease.

Simplify permit workflows

Have you ever had to wait at the DMV for hours on end? It’s not fun for anyone. Here’s an example of an easy parking permit application process that can help eliminate manual data entry and improve the experience for everyone.

An applicant completes a digital parking permit application on your website. Details such as the applicant’s email and mailing address are collected so the permit can be sent to them once their application has been approved.


The applicant’s data is automatically populated into a custom parking permit. The application and generated permit are sent to an approver for review.


After the applicant’s information has been approved, the parking permit is sent to their email and copies of all documents are automatically routed to the company’s cloud storage system for safekeeping.


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