The Rise of the No-Code Economy

No-code tools are not a fad or trend; they’re here to stay. Discover why they are quickly becoming a requirement in this digital-first world.
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Why read the report?

Learn how no-code is ushering in a brand new economy by creating companies, communities, education systems, and jobs built entirely on or around no-code software and the non-technical business user.
Learn the definition and history of no-code

See a clear definition of no-code and learn more about the history of this technology.

Get industry-based no-code info

View details about the adoption of no-code tools across various industries.

Discover new no-code data

Get survey insights from 1,000 workers across various industries, job levels, and company sizes.

View expert thoughts on no-code

Hear from a wide range of experts on how no-code can enable you to achieve more.

Your No-Code Economy Report

We’re witnessing a historic shift in the way we work, from the tools we use to how we learn. Anyone with an idea can now quickly and easily implement it—with no-code tools. Cue the rise of the No-Code Economy.

Surveying 1,000+ employees across various industries, job levels, and company sizes, our 2021 No-Code Economy Survey revealed that 83% of people believe their use of no-code tools will increase in the next year.

Dive into the report to learn more about no-code and how it can transform your world of work.