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  • Features
  • Basic Features
  • Mobile-Friendly Forms
  • Facebook Tab Embed
  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Social Autofill
  • A/B Testing
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Field Bottlenecks
  • Google Adwords
  • *Partial Submissions
  • Forms
  • Submissions /form
  • Storage
  • Users
  • Get the best results with the Platinum Plan Platinum

    Optimize Conversions

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  • $249per month
    $207.50(per month, paid annually)
  • ✓ Basic Features
  • ✓ Mobile-Friendly Forms
  • ✓ Facebook Plugin
  • ✓ Google Analytics
  • ✓ HubSpot Integration
  • ✓ Salesforce Integration
  • ✓ Social Autofill
  • ✓ A/B Testing
  • ✓ Campaign Tracking
  • ✓ Field Bottlenecks
  • ✓ Google Adwords
  • ✓ *Partial Submissions
  • 1,000 forms
  • 100,000 submissions /form
  • 10 GB
  • 25 users
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  • Gold

    Collect Leads

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  • $99per month
    $82.50(per month, paid annually)
  • ✓ Basic Features
  • ✓ Mobile-Friendly Forms
  • ✓ Facebook Plugin
  • ✓ Google Analytics
  • ✓ HubSpot Integration
  • ✓ Salesforce Integration
  • ✓ Social Autofill
  • 100 forms
  • 10,000 submissions /form
  • 2 GB
  • 10 users
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  • Silver

    Build Forms

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  • $39per month
    $32.50(per month, paid annually)
  • ✓ Basic Features
  • ✓ Mobile-Friendly Forms
  • 20 forms
  • 1,000 submissions /form
  • 1 GB
  • 5 users
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All Formstack Plans include EMAIL SUPPORT and the features below:

Icon for Form Builder
  • Drag and Drop
  • CSS and Themes
  • Conditional Logic
  • Multiple Users
  • Mobile Apps
  • Save & Resume
Icon for Data Collection
  • Basic Integrations
  • Data Routing
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Form Analytics
  • Field Validation
  • Import/Export
  • Webhooks & API
Icon for Payments
  • Calculating Fields
  • Discount Codes
  • Email Confirmations
  • Payment Processors
Icon for Security
  • 256-Bit SSL
  • Encryption
  • Password-Protected

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"Formstack is very efficient and keeps us organized. It has returned a 10-times cost savings to our business."

Steve Anson, CEO & Co-founder at Vortala

"Formstack has saved us thousands of dollars and months of time from not hiring a developer to build our forms."

Sierra Catcott, Development Coordinator at One OC

Online Forms Comparison Chart

Formstack 123ContactForm Adobe Google Gravity Forms Form Assembly Formsite EmailMeForm Jotform TypeForm Wufoo



Adobe® FormsCentral

Google® Forms

Gravity Forms

Form Assembly






Payment Processors

11 10 1 0 5 4 3 9 More info » 1 10

3rd-party Integrations

35+ 30 0 0 12 11 4 16 More info » 1 12

Calculating Fields

Formstack calculating fields 123ContactForm calculating fields Gravity Forms calculating fields Form Assembly calculating fields Formsite calculating fields Jotform calculating fields

Conditional Logic

Formstack conditional logic 123ContactForm conditional logic Adobe conditional logic Gravity Forms conditional logic Form Assembly conditional logic Formsite conditional logic EmailMeForm conditional logic Jotform conditional logic TypeForm conditional logic Wufoo conditional logic

Full HTML Access (customizable)

Formstack full HTML 123ContactForm full HTML Adobe full HTML Form Assembly full HTML Formsite full HTML Jotform full HTML TypeForm full HTML Wufoo full HTML

Save & Resume

Formstack save and resume 123ContactForm save and resume Adobe save and resume Form Assembly save and resume Formsite save and resume EmailMeForm save and resume Jotform save and resume

256-Bit SSL (security)

Formstack 256-bit SSL 123ContactForm 256-bit SSL Adobe 256-bit SSL Form Assembly 256-bit SSL Formsite 256-bit SSL EmailMeForm 256-bit SSL Jotform 256-bit SSL

Mobile-ready (responsive)

Formstack Mobile-ready 123ContactForm Mobile-ready Adobe Mobile-ready Gravity Forms Mobile-ready Form Assembly Mobile-ready Formsite Mobile-ready EmailMeForm Mobile-ready Jotform Mobile-ready TypeForm Mobile-ready Wufoo Mobile-ready

Mobile Apps

Formstack AppleFormstack WindowsFormstack Android Google Forms Android Jotform AppleJotform Android

Admin Brand Control

Formstack admin brand control 123ContactForm admin brand control Adobe admin brand control Gravity Forms admin brand control Form Assembly admin brand control Formsite admin brand control EmailMeForm admin brand control Jotform admin brand control TypeForm admin brand control Wufoo admin brand control

Approval Workflow

Formstack approval workflow 123ContactForm approval workflow Jotform approval workflow

Digital Signatures

Formstack digital signatures 123ContactForm digital signatures Gravity Forms digital signatures FormAssembly digital signatures Formsite digital signatures Jotform digital signatures

Email Logic Routing

Formstack email logic routing 123ContactForm email logic routing Gravity Forms email logic routing FormAssembly email logic routing Jotform email logic routing Wufoo email logic routing

Facebook Tab Embed

Formstack Facebook tab embed 123ContactForm Facebook tab embed EmailMeForm Facebook tab embed Jotform Facebook tab embed Wufoo Facebook tab embed

Google Analytics Plugin

Formstack google analytics plugin 123ContactForm google analytics plugin


Formstack subaccounts 123ContactForm subaccounts Form Assembly subaccounts Formsite subaccounts EmailMeForm subaccounts Jotform subaccounts


Formstack subdomains FormAssembly subdomains Jotform subdomains Wufoo subdomains

Webhooks & Open API

Formstack webhooks open API 123ContactForm webhooks open API Gravity Forms webhooks open API Form Assembly webhooks open API Formsite webhooks open API Jotform webhooks open API TypeForm webhooks open API Wufoo webhooks open API

508 Compliant

Formstack 508 compliance FormAssembly 508 compliance

Annual Discount

Formstack 123ContactForm Gravity Forms FormAssembly Annual Discount EmailMeForm Jotform TypeForm Wufoo

Nonprofit Discount

Formstack 123ContactForm Form Assembly EmailMeForm TypeForm Wufoo

Zero Overage Charges

Formstack no overages 123ContactForm no overages Adobe no overages Google Forms no overages Gravity Forms no overages Form Assembly no overages Formsite no overages Jotform no overages

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How does my 14-day Free Trial work?

Try out any of our plans totally free for 14 days. No credit card needed! Choose any plan and simply create an account. All plans except Starter can take advantage of payment processors and integrations during the trial period. Also during the trial, saved submissions are capped at 100 per form. Submissions beyond 100 will be emailed to you. To activate your full plan features, simply enter your billing information at any time.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. You can sign up for any plan at anytime and upgrade or downgrade depending on your needs. You can sign up for month to month billing or get 2 months FREE by signing up for annual billing.

What types of payment do you accept?

We take Mastercard, Visa, Discover and American Express. We can create annual invoices for Platinum and Enterprise plans. Contact us to request an invoice. The nonprofit discount applies to invoices, but the annual discount does not.

Do you offer a discount for Nonprofits?

Formstack will provide a 25% discount to non-educational, non-governmental organizations that are tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Fill out our nonprofit form to qualify for the discount.

What happens if I reach my submission limit?

You'll never miss a submission. If you're at your limit for a particular web form, you will still continue to receive submission notifications via email, but won't be able to store any more submissions in the Formstack database. However, at any time you can export and clear any saved submissions.

Are your forms secure?

Absolutely, we take form security very seriously. We use 256-Bit SSL and encryption to protect your data, along with added measures like PGP Email Encryption, password-protected forms, and CAPTCHA. For a detailed PDF with more information, fill out our Security Document Request Form.

Do you provide customer support?

We offer a variety of support channels: a support site with full documentation, feature requests, and walk-through videos to help get you started with our online form builder. We also provide email support during normal business hours (9AM - 6PM EST Monday - Friday) to give you personalized customer service.


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