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Xverify Integration

Connect your forms to Xverify's verification service to validate submitted email addresses and boost inbox deliverability.

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Enhance your marketing efforts with Xverify's email verification service. With Formstack's integration, you can ensure the emails entered on your form are valid and create a better experience for your end-users. Send Shield technology and a 98% accuracy rating will help you eliminate hard bounces, reduce spam complaints, and protect against fraud.

Use the integration to:

  • Set up real-time email verification for your online forms
  • Eliminate invalid emails and fraudulent submissions from your database
  • Improve data quality for marketing efforts, including gated content, lead generation, and PPC

What you need:

How It Works



Quickly build mobile-ready forms with Formstack's intuitive builder. Easy drag-and-drop functionality allows you to add fields and create a ready-to-go form in minutes.



Integrate the two platforms by adding Formstack as a trusted domain in your Xverify account and plugging Xverify's Javascript into an Embed Code field on your Formstack form.



As soon as a user enters their email, Xverify will ensure the username is registered at the specified domain and confirm that it isn't linked to a temporary account or online fraudster.

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