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TypePad Integration

Create mobile-friendly forms for your Typepad blogs with Formstack's integration.

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Add mobile-ready forms to your Typepad blogs to give your readers an easy way to donate or get in touch. Formstack's integration inserts optimized online forms into the sidebar of your blog. Customize your form to match your blog's theme and drop it on your page to start collecting inquiries, donations, and registrants for events or giveaways.

Use Formstack's Typepad integration to:

  • Create optimized, mobile-responsive forms for your blog
  • Seamlessly collect data right from your blog's sidebar
  • Use your Typepad forms across multiple blogs
  • Integrate with over 40 third-party applications

What You Need

How It Works


Create mobile-friendly forms in minutes with our drag-and-drop builder. You can build from scratch or start with one of our pre-made templates.


Install the Formstack widget on Typepad, and log in to your account. You can then choose which blogs you'd like to use for your Typepad forms.


Use your Typepad forms to quickly collect reader inquiries, payments for services, event registrations, signups, online donations, and much more.

Read more about the TypePad integration on our Support site.

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