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Formstack Slack Zap Integration

Stay on top of your form submissions with automated notifications from Slack.

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We get it. Keeping track of your form submissions can be tough, especially when you're gathering new leads for your marketing campaign or compiling important information for projects, initiatives, and events. Which is why we worked with Zapier to create a handy, free zap that'll make tracking your form submissions a breeze.

Enter the Formstack Slack zap. With this integration, you can connect your forms to Slack to receive automated Slack notifications in real time as submissions roll in.

With the free Formstack Slack Zap, you can:

  • Send form submissions to Slack via @Slackbot or a designated channel of your choice
  • Keep team members in the loop as new submissions roll in
  • Quickly use the information you receive to better accomplish your goals

What You Need

To access the Formstack Slack Zap, you need:

  • Formstack account
  • Zapier account (Free or above)
  • Slack account (Free or above)

What are Zapier and Slack?

Not familiar with either Zapier or Slack? Here's what you need to know.

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Zapier is a web automation app that lets you create custom integrations between platforms. The possibilities of what you can create are literally endless!

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Slack is a team communication platform. They offer instant messaging, document sharing, knowledge searching, and much more for modern teams.

Formstack and Slack In Action

Read more about the Slack zap on Zapier's Support page.

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