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Partner XE eSignature Integration

Easily send insurance documents for eSigning directly from your Partner XE account.

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Partner XE is an agency management system that helps agencies manage the entire lifecycle of the client relationship, from pre-sales to servicing and renewal. With our Partner XE eSignature integration, you can send any document from your Client profile straight to Formstack Sign for eSignature. Easily get proposals, policies, claims documents, and other files signed and sent back to your Partner XE account.

With the Partner XE integration, you can:

  • Email or text files for eSignature from your Partner XE account
  • Eliminate paperwork and data entry errors from your workflow
  • Reduce errors and omissions (E&O) exposure by maintaining digital records
  • Consolidate the storage of communication and documents in one location

What You Need

How It Works

Using the Partner XE eSignature integration is easy!

  1. Upload your document from Partner XE to Formstack Sign.
  2. Drag and drop signature and information fields where you need them.
  3. Send the document for eSigning by entering participant email addresses.
  4. After the document is signed, it will be sent back to your Partner XE account.

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