Freshbooks Integration

Automate your online invoicing by integrating Formstack forms with FreshBooks.

Formstack takes the hassle out of online invoicing with our FreshBooks integration. Use submissions from any Formstack form to automatically create FreshBooks clients, invoices, and estimates. Our integration is the perfect way to automate your invoicing and online client management by eliminating the need to add clients individually.

With Formstack's FreshBooks integration you can:

  • Add new FreshBooks clients automatically
  • Set up estimates and recurring invoices
  • Update existing client details

How It Works

To use the FreshBooks integration, you need to have a FreshBooks account. This is required so you can map fields on your form to your FreshBooks settings.

The integration works by searching your FreshBooks database every time a form submission comes in. If the email address submitted on the form matches an email in your database, any relevant details for that client will be updated with the submitted information. However, if no matching email exists, then an entirely new client entry will be created.

You can learn more about setup for the FreshBooks integration on our Support page.

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