Summer 24 Release

Ready for some cool tools for a hot season? Check out the Summer 2024 Product Release with features to help you automate the mundane and put busy work on autopilot.
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Formstack Forms
AI Form Generation

Our new AI Form Generation feature simplifies form creation by leveraging artificial intelligence to suggest relevant fields based on your input. This saves time and ensures your forms are comprehensive and accurate, allowing you to focus on what matters most—gathering valuable data. Want to try it? Reach out to your account manager to turn this feature on for your account! 

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Date and Time Field Improvements

Our updated Date and Time fields in forms now offer enhanced functionality and flexibility. Customize field settings, choose dropdown or calendar views, update date/time formats, set year ranges, exclude past dates, and pre-populate default values. Populate dates with calculations and view the field in live forms for user interaction

File Upload Field Improvements

Experience smoother file handling with our improved File Upload field. This enhancement supports multiple file types, larger file sizes, and a more intuitive user interface, making it easier for users to attach and submit files without hassle.

AI-Powered Document Template Generation

AI-Powered Document Template Generation streamlines the document creation process by using artificial intelligence to generate initial drafts. This feature eliminates the need for manual formatting and merge tag placement, making it easier than ever to create professional, customized documents quickly.

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Folder Permissions / UI update

Manage your documents more efficiently with our new folder permissions and UI update. Assign specific access rights to different users and navigate through a cleaner, more organized interface, ensuring your sensitive information is secure and easily accessible to authorized personnel.

Preloaded Merge Fields

Speed up document preparation with preloaded merge fields. This feature automatically inserts relevant data fields into your templates, reducing manual input and minimizing errors. Enjoy a more streamlined and efficient document generation process.

Formstack Workflows
Create Custom Step Messages in Workflows

Enhance your workflows with personalized communication by using our new feature to create custom step messages. Tailor each message to guide users through the process, providing clear instructions and improving overall user experience and task completion rates.

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Formstack Forms for Salesforce
F4SF Stripe Payment Collection

Integrate seamless payment processing into your Salesforce forms with our new Stripe Payment Collection feature. Easily collect payments directly through your forms, enhancing convenience for your customers and ensuring secure, reliable transactions.

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