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What You Need to Know about Mobile Healthcare

March 17, 2017
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Since mobile browsing now exceeds desktop browsing, organizations across a growing list of industries are getting on board by providing mobile-friendly services and solutions. This list includes healthcare, but many healthcare organizations still need to hop on the bandwagon. In a 2015 study conducted by Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), 83% of healthcare providers felt strongly that their organization should deploy mobile devices. In the same study, mobile healthcare solutions had a positive impact on patient engagement, and even helped providers achieve over 20% savings in areas like preventative support care and resource utilization. If your healthcare facility has been slow to adapt to the mobile movement, here are some ways you can start using mobile technology to provide convenient, accessible healthcare for patients.

Healthcare Apps

Mobile Healthcare Apps.

Over 50% of smartphone users gather health-related information through mobile healthcare apps. The growing adoption of these apps has benefits for both patients and medical staff.By checking an app to monitor their health, patients are physically more engaged in their own care. Here, the mobile patient engagement connection is very prominent.Many of these apps are focused on the patient and are specialized in tracking health factors like fitness, sleep, and pregnancy. The iPhone’s native “Health Data” app (pictured) is one example, tracking various health measures through automatic syncing or manual entry.Other apps, such as Doctor on Demand, allow patients to connect with doctors via live video for medical assessment, diagnosis, and even prescriptions—all for around the cost of a typical copay. This form of care has lower overhead for the provider, and is even covered by some health plans. Overall, healthcare apps provide a more efficient and convenient way for patients and staff to log information and communicate.

Text Communications

SMS communication to increase mobile patient engagement

Text (or SMS) communication is another great tool for mobile patient engagement. Many healthcare providers use text communications to keep patients informed on their appointments and prescriptions. Some even allow patients to confirm, reschedule, or cancel an appointment via text. This is a much more convenient alternative to calling during office hours to make appointment changes.Health and wellness updates are another way some healthcare organizations have started to use text communications (pictured). Here, the free Text4baby program makes it easy for expecting mothers to receive important information about their pregnancy in an interactive way. These text updates include health and safety tips, appointment reminders, and even how their baby is growing each week.

Mobile-Friendly Healthcare Forms

Mobile-friendly online forms

Healthcare facilities use countless forms: Patient Registration and Referrals, Incident Reporting, Record Releases, Equipment Ordering, and Lead Generation. But sending out a Patient Satisfaction Survey will show that you value their opinion, and that you’re interested in improving the quality of your care. Here are a few questions from Formstack’s free Patient Satisfaction Survey template:

  1. Were we able to sufficiently help remind you of your appointment?
  2. How was the timing of when you were seen compared to your scheduled appointment time?
  3. How well did your provider listen to your concerns?

Using HIPAA compliant, mobile-friendly forms helps medical facilities create better care experiences for patients. Allowing patients to fill out these forms from their mobile device adds to their convenience, and having a form that’s mobile-responsive will make them more likely to fill it out.

Ready to implement mobile form solutions at your healthcare facility? Formstack makes it easier than ever to collect, route, and store patient information, helping you to create exceptional patient experiences while exceeding compliance standards. Learn more about Formstack's Mobile Forms and what it offers!


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