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Improve Your Construction Worksite with Mobile Documentation

Stefanie Jansen |
July 27, 2021
Min Read

There’s no time to be fumbling with clipboards, paper, and pens when you’re out in the field—especially when construction tech has become a major differentiator for leading industry firms. Customers across all industries expect the fast, simple, and digital Amazon-like experiences they’re used to. And in the field, creating automated documentation like quotes and contracts at a time when prospects are most engaged makes all the difference.

Despite the thinking that construction is still largely manual in its operations, innovation in the industry has built some of the tallest skyscrapers and most important community structures using complex machines. But as the pace of business continues to speed up, construction firms and field services professionals like you need fast, efficient ways to send quotes to clients—and secure their signature for your next job. 

It’s time to simplify your field services management with digital workflows using the devices you already keep with you on the road.

Build Digital Documentation Into Your Operations

There are numerous benefits to applying automation in construction. From quotes to project proposals to contracts, digital documents help with all of the following:

Eliminate tedious paperwork.

Stop scrawling details and figures on the nearest piece of paper you can find. Increase your company’s professionalism and create more time to focus on the customer when you opt for paperless workflows that create beautiful, branded online forms and documents in a few simple taps.  

Make field work easier.

We get it—there isn’t always an internet connection when you’re at a job site or on the road. But that shouldn’t prevent you from bringing in new business. Use any device to quickly input your data (even pictures) and generate your document so it’s ready to send as soon as you’re back within Wi-Fi reach.

Streamline your processes and increase productivity.

Make work easier for your entire team, from the way they communicate with each other to how they close new bids. When you bring automated documentation in-house, you can also use it for inspections, checklists, and maintaining job compliance with pre-built templates you can use over and over. 

Improve customer relationships.

Documentation in construction isn’t just about making your team members' lives easier. It’s also about creating convenience and ease of business with customers. When clients and partners can easily add their electronic signature and share your PDFs with their team, it boosts satisfaction, which ultimately increases long-term loyalty.

Make Anywhere Your Worksite

Some jobs don’t happen within the confines of office walls. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to automated tools that make it easier. Instead of reaching for the pen and paper, you can save yourself time, money, and headaches using the devices that already keep you mobile.

Formstack helps construction companies and field services professionals work smarter with automated document generation and delivery. Create any construction document you need—from estimates to contracts to inspection forms—and manage it from anywhere using our comprehensive platform.


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Stefanie Jansen |
Stefanie is a marketing writer with specialties in blogging, website writing, and copy editing. She has worked with a number of tech companies and has experience in the areas of email, marketing campaigns, and employee engagement. Connect with Stefanie at word4wordwriting.com.
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