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Infographic: Why Workflow Automation is Crucial to Law Firm Success

October 2, 2019
Min Read

Are inefficient workflows impacting workplace productivity and the efficiency of your law firm? If so, you’re not alone. 

In a recent survey, 35.7% of law firms reported that bottlenecks are the biggest workflow challenge they face. Respondents mentioned a lack of communication, an abundance of manual processes, and a lack of technology as reasons their law firm struggles with creating productive workflows. 

When asked what could solve their workflow problems, 57.1% replied with adding more automation through software. This isn’t surprising, considering research shows that laws offices spend an average of 40% of their time on administrative and manual tasks. 

Don’t let repetitive, manual, and paper-based processes slow your firm down. From client onboarding and scheduling to contract generation and billing, there are a lot of opportunities for workflow automation at your law firm. Take the time now to invest in automation so your firm can get ahead of your competition and the profound digital reforms coming to the legal industry in the next decade. 

Here’s why workflow automation needs to be a crucial component in how your law firm functions. You can easily transform tedious processes like client onboarding and legal document generation by investing in workflow automation. Bonus: an example of how you can attract and retain more clients with streamlined contract generation. 

New client contract generation infographic
Ready to implement better processes at your law firm? Transform the way you collect data and put it to work with Formstack. Our productivity platform can help your team streamline manual, time-consuming processes so you can focus on what matters: your clients. Grab your copy of our Workplace Productivity Report now to learn more! 

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