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Empowering Future Form Builders

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Even though we support Formstack users of any age, Kids Mode was just a joke we decided to play for April Fools' Day. We hope you had as much fun with it as we did! Kids Mode will be removed from all accounts later today, so enjoy it while you can! ?

At Formstack, we’re always thinking towards the future. We are dedicated to building a product that can be used by anyone and that will be useful for years to come.

Today, we are excited to announce that we have doubled down on that mission and are releasing a new Formstack feature that can be used by anyone no matter their age.

Introducing Formstack Kids Mode

The idea for Kids Mode came from one of our customers. Her daughter, Lily, was using her account to create an order form to sell Girl Scout cookies. While building the form, Lily said she thought the tool was entirely too corporate and “old person.” We agreed and decided to help Lily, and other kids like her who are trying to solve problems, by updating Formstack with a new user interface theme featuring her favorite color: Rainbow Unicorn.

Formstack Kids Mode can be toggled on and off in your profile tab. We wanted to make this a permanent change for all accounts, but Stan in Engineering required us to put in an off switch, even though we don’t think you’ll want to turn this off.

Be Amazed

After you turn on the Kids Mode toggle, you’ll be delighted with an entirely new Formstack experience. You’ll now see bright new colors, polka dots, and a kid-friendly font.

Formstack Kids Mode Toggle

This new mode is great for kids as well as adults who are kids at heart. Looking for ways to get your kids started building in the new Kids Mode? Here are some ideas:

  • Send order forms to friends and family for school fundraisers
  • Collect electronic payments with forms at lemonade stands
  • Create a sign-in form for when they want to use the TV or computer
  • Use forms to collect donations for birthday parties and college funds
  • Build feedback forms to tell you how your parenting style works for them

Get Started

To get started in Kids Mode, navigate to your profile tab in app and toggle the Kids Mode to on.

Profile Tab in Formstack Kids Mode

That’s it! You’re ready to connect with your kids. They will now be more motivated than ever to start building forms and transforming the way they play.

Got feedback for us or want to tell us how much you love the new Kids Mode? Tell us all about it here.

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