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Instantly Generate Sales Contracts from Pipedrive

August 13, 2015
Min Read

Click Next Step and you’ll be taken to the Document Builder. Here’s where you’re going to build your template and add all of the merge fields (where you want the data to be populated). The merge fields are just text and they look like this: {$Name}, {$Company}, {$PhoneNumber}, etc. For now, you can use any merge field names that you’d like. We’ll map them to the Pipedrive fields later.

Since this is a contract and we need to collect signatures, we’re going to utilize the DocuSign delivery option that will automatically send out the contract for signature through DocuSign. With this in mind, we need to define where the signature needs to go in the contract by using DocuSign’s Anchor Tags.

This article describes the anchor tags in more detail, but all you need to do is enter this in your document and DocuSign will detect it and overlay the signature: \s1\

Once you have your template setup, go ahead and save the document and you’ll be taken to the Settings tab. From here you can change the type of document that is generated and even the name of the file that is generated when a contract is populated. We’re going to add the company name to the file name so that we can easily search for the contract.

We’re also going to turn on Debug Mode (turn on Test Mode and then check the box below it) so that we can see the data that’s coming from Pipedrive as well as turn on the Field Map (under Advanced Settings) so we can map those fields later.

If you’ve made any changes to the settings, make sure you save those changes. Next, we’re going to hop over to the Deliver tab. Since we need to collect a signature for this contract, we’re going to send the populated contract to DocuSign for easy signature.

On the Deliver tab, click the New Delivery button and then pick DocuSign. You’ll be asked to login to your DocuSign account and then you’ll see the DocuSign settings. The “Subject” is the subject of the email that the customer will receive and then you’ll need to define the signer.

After you’ve saved your DocuSign delivery, we’ve got one more piece to setup in Formstack Documents. We’re going to be leveraging Pipedrive’s webhooks feature that allows us to automatically send data to Formstack Documents when certain events happen inside Pipedrive.

In order to only generate the contract when we’ve updated a Deal to “Won”, we need to add a little logic within Formstack Documents. To do this, we’re going to use the Data Routing feature. From the Data Routes page, click New Data Route then name it something like “Sales Contract”.

On the next step, you’ll be asked to define the “rules” of the data route. These rules are documents that you want to generate in the data route process (you can add multiple documents). We’re just going to add a single document (our contract), but then we’re going to add logic so that the document only fires when the “status” is “won”.

Now, you’re going to see a more detailed explanation of the Pipedrive fields shortly, but for now you’ll just want to use this field: {$current.status}

Once you’ve added the logic, save the rules and then jump over to the Merge tab for the Data Route. On this page, you’re going to see a Merge URL. This is a unique URL for your Data Route and we’re going to use that as the notification URL inside Pipedrive. Go ahead and save (copy) that.

Jump into Pipedrive and then go to Settings. You’ll see a link for Webhooks, click that. On the webhooks page, click the New Webhook button, then enter the Merge URL and then for the Events box, you’re going to enter “updated.deal”.

Save that notification and now you’re ready to send data to Formstack Documents so we can map those merge fields in your document to the Pipedrive fields. Go ahead and go to one of your test deals and mark it as “Won”.

Inside Formstack Documents, go to the Overview tab for your document and you should see a line under the Recent Merges table. In that table, there is a View Data button. Click that and you’re going to see all of the fields coming over from Pipedrive and if you click on the name of the field, it will give you the name of the merge field.

Time to map the fields! Open up the Field Map tab in a new tab so you can flip back and forth. For each of the fields you see in the Field Map, you need to put in the merge field code (something like {$current.org_name} or {$current.person_name}) for that corresponding field from the Pipedrive data.

Congrats, you’re all done! Once you have all of those fields mapped, you can go back into Pipedrive and update another Deal as “Won” and you’ll generate a file with all the data in it. Then check your DocuSign account and you should have a contract waiting for signature.

Now that you’ve got this process setup, how much time will your sales team save by automatically generating contracts from Pipedrive? Many of our customers save over an hour on every deal! Can you think of other ways you can use Formstack Documents to simplify your paperwork process?
We’ve all been there before. You finally go the “yes” and now it’s time to draw up the contracts and close the deal. So you open up your most recent contract, take out all the info specific to the last deal and replace it with this deal’s info. Yuck!

Did you ever played the game “Telephone” as a child? If you did, you’ll know that over time those contracts are going to be (drastically) different from how they started. That could be very costly to your business – especially if you have a team of sales reps all using their own versions of the contract.

You need a better way to manage your contracts and ensure everything goes according to plan. You need Formstack Documents! With Formstack Documents you can have every sales person use the exact same contract template every time and streamline the entire process.

In this example, we’re going to show you how you can automatically generate sales contracts when we update a Deal in Pipedrive to “Won”. This will all happen without the sales person having to search for a template, copy & paste the data, and then send it out for signature!

Let’s get started by setting up our contract in Formstack Documents. With Formstack Documents you have the option to upload a PDF or Word document, but we’re just going to use the online document builder for this contract template. From the Documents page in Formstack Documents click the New Document button. Type in a name for the contract, then pick the Build Your Own document type on the next step.


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