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Get Inspired to Change the Way You Work

Abby Nieten
January 3, 2019
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Formstack Documents was built with one goal in mind: to automate document creation so our customers can focus on what’s important to them. With simple integration methods, flexible document types, and powerful delivery options, WebMerge can eliminate the time you spend creating the same documents over and over again, and let you get back to business.

In the words of one customer, “Formstack Document is like a magical robot that does all the simple, mundane tasks in your business quicker and better than your best team member.”

The start of a new year is the perfect time to assess your business and implement improvements. To get you inspired, we’ve compiled five customer stories that show how Formstack Document can help you do better business in 2019.

Cambridge Homes

Cambridge Homes + WebMerge

Cambridge Homes is an award-winning home builder based in Texas. The company implemented Formstack Document to streamline sales contracts, and it cut the contract preparation process from two hours to just four minutes.

Read more of the Cambridge Homes story.

Dorsey Dental

Dorsey Dental is a discount dental network primarily based in Houston, Texas. The network implemented Formstack Document to automate creation and delivery of member ID cards and materials, and it saved around five hours per week.

Read more of the Dorsey Dental story.


The LoveYourBrain Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports people affected by traumatic brain injury (TBI) through programs designed to build community and improve quality of life. The organization implemented Formstack for Salesforce to revamp its course registration process.

Read more of the LoveYourBrain Foundation story.


Northwind is a renewable energy field services company located in Ontario, Canada. The company implemented Formstack Document (along with iFormBuilder) to create automated field reports, and it saved at least 10–20% of field personnel time.

Boltblue Web & Marketing

Boltblue is a digital marketing agency that offers marketing implementation services for businesses. The agency implemented Formstack Documents (along with Typeform) to eliminate manual data entry and cumbersome document creation processes for its clients, and it saved hundreds of hours per month.

Feeling inspired to learn more? Check out the video below to learn more about leveling up your document generation process with Formstack Documents. 


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Abby Nieten
As Senior Manager, Content Strategy, Abby leads an amazing team of marketing content creators toward a shared content vision. She's been growing with Formstack since 2015 and spent several years as a professional editor before that.
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