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Improved Feedback and Roadmap Tool

Aaron White
March 3, 2020
Min Read
Last updated August 17, 2022

As the Formstack platform continues to grow, the tools we use must grow with us. We’re very excited to launch our new tool to collect product feedback and communicate our roadmap.

Our product roadmap has always been centered on our customers needs. As our platform grows, the diversity of our customers needs grows too. We now have one centralized place to accept product feedback, prioritize, and communicate back to our customers.

So what does this mean for you? If you’re a Formstack customer, read on to see how these new changes will improve your product experience.

Easily Submit Product Feedback

Customers can now easily submit product feedback for each of our products! You’ll find “Feedback” in our new Resource Center. Once you enter the Feedback area you can “Make a Suggestion” that will help you get work done.

New feedback feature in Formstack's resource center

It’s also easy to access our feedback site from the feedback dropdown. Look for the arrow in the box to see the full view. You can also bookmark the site https://feedback.formstackfeedback.com. Note: You need to be logged into the product for this link to work.

What can you do on the Feedback site?

Once your feedback is submitted, you will be able to view and prioritize your suggestions. Customers can also view, comment, and vote for feedback suggestions from other customers and Formstack employees.

Prioritize your suggestions.

All your suggestions are easily accessible on the dashboard of the Feedback site. There you can adjust prioritization so we know what will make the biggest impact for you.

Prioritize Formstack suggestions

Vote for suggestions submitted by others.

You can also see top suggestions from others where you can vote and help lift their prioritization.

Vote on Formstack feedback

Voting helps us better understand which requests could make the largest impact for our customers. Votes are taken into consideration when we are prioritizing future product improvements.

Join the discussion.

Each suggestion has comment boxes where you can add details specific to your needs or ask our team questions on existing suggestions.

See what we’re building and planning on building.

The “What’s Coming” view is a simple view that will show you what we’re building right now and what we’re planning on building next. If you want to learn more about any of these, you can click into any of the suggestions to learn more about them. Be sure to vote and watch them to stay informed when they are delivered!

Easily view recent product releases.

You can now see our release history of all our releases. You can click into each that interests you to learn more about them.

Did you know? We have an entire webpage dedicated to our bundled product releases. This is your one-stop shop to learn about all product updates, releases, and new features!

What’s next?

That’s what we want to hear from you! Please let us know how we can improve Formstack to help you run your business. Login to your account now to share feedback and vote on your favorite product ideas.

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Aaron White
Aaron is the Product Design Manager at Formstack, leading the talented group of product designers, front end developers, and UX researchers. Working remotely from Bloomington, Indiana, Aaron can most often be found at the coworking space he cofounded, Cowork Btown.
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