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Simplify Your Healthcare Workflows with Formstack's New HIPAA Compliant Webhooks

Abby Nieten
July 27, 2017
Min Read

Looking for a simple and secure way to send patient information to your electronic health records (EHR) system? We have good news! Formstack now offers HIPAA compliant webhooks that allow you to connect our HIPAA compliant online forms to your EHR or another system. With Formstack’s HIPAA webhooks, you can pass secure health data from Formstack to your own system without building a custom integration. This easy, secure connection can help enhance your healthcare record-keeping and simplify your workflows. To give you a better idea of how webhooks work, here are a few FAQs:

#1: What are webhooks?

Webhooks are server-to-server connections that can be added to your online form to send collected HIPAA data to a third-party platform through a URL. In other words, webhooks provide a way to route form submission data to a specified URL when a submission occurs. If you want to send form data to a program or service that your form builder does not support in-app, webhooks make it possible.

#2: How can webhooks be used with healthcare forms?

If you’re looking to streamline your healthcare workflows, it’s time to go paperless. Setting up online healthcare forms and connecting them to your EHR via webhooks cuts down on cumbersome, error-prone paper processes. With an online process, you can automatically pass ePHI from your forms to your EHR to seamlessly track patients and keep accurate, secure records.

#3: How do I get started with Formstack’s HIPAA compliant webhooks?

HIPAA compliant webhooks are available to Formstack customers on a HIPAA Enterprise plan. To get access to Formstack’s HIPAA compliant webhooks or to learn more about our HIPAA offerings, contact our sales team. If you already have a HIPAA Enterprise account and you want to set up a secure webhook in Formstack, you just need to know the external URL of the system to which you wish to send the form data. For more detailed information on how to create a webhook connection in Formstack, check out our support doc on webhook submit actions.

Formstack webhooks

Webhooks aren’t the only form connections available to Formstack’s HIPAA customers. Click here to learn about our HIPAA-compliant integrations.


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Abby Nieten
As Senior Manager, Content Strategy, Abby leads an amazing team of marketing content creators toward a shared content vision. She's been growing with Formstack since 2015 and spent several years as a professional editor before that.
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