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Simple Ways to Level Up Your Formstack Knowledge

Lindsay McGuire
May 18, 2020
Min Read

As with any software or tool, there are always new things to learn about Formstack. Our powerful platform is full of great features that can help you have a more productive workday.

Our products and features are easy to use and don’t take a large investment of time to get up and running. Our customer webinars are no different! Formstack’s customer success team has been hard at work producing new webinars that are chock full of great tips and tricks.

Whether you watch these at work, during your lunch break, or while cooking dinner at home, these webinars help you level up your Formstack knowledge in under 30 minutes.

How to Connect: Forms + Docs + Sign

Are you a new user of our Formstack Sign and Formstack Documents products? See how easy it is to connect your Forms, Documents, and Sign accounts together to produce efficient, paperless, no-code workflows.

Connect Formstack Forms, Formstack Sign, and Formstack Documents

Description: Are you a visual learner? Then this webinar is for you! Our Solutions Engineer Brandon will walk you through a short demo on how to connect our Forms, Documents, and Sign products. He’ll then answer common questions about how to use these products together.

Time: 24 minutes

Level up your knowledge on: multi-product workflows, security features, data routing, SMS/text abilities of Formstack Sign, creating liability waivers, mobile features


long form tips

Did you know? The Formstack platform now includes eSignatures and document generation. If you’re looking for ways to eliminate paper and speed up your processes, check out Formstack Documents and Formstack Sign.

Formstack Sign: The Basics

Interested in learning how eSignatures can transform the way you collect data and put it to work? Want to know more about our Formstack Sign product? We’ve got you covered with this webinar.

Formstack Sign: The Basics

Description: Capturing electronic signatures is quick and easy with Formstack Sign! Our Customer Support Specialist Daniel shares a great demo of how this product works and answers some common questions.

Time: 27:29

Level up your knowledge on: electronic signature collection, Formstack Sign, mobile document signing, Sign integrations


Formstack for Salesforce: Using Community Forms

Calling all Salesforce community users! The uses for our Formstack for Salesforce (previously Salesforce app) Community Forms are practically endless. Discover what they are, how they work, and how to best use them in this helpful webinar.

Description: Get the most out of your Salesforce community by pairing it with our Salesforce app Community Forms. Support team members Ricky and Josh share how you can easily connect with and collect information from your Salesforce Community members.

Time: 28:08

Level up your knowledge on: Salesforce, Formstack for Salesforce, Community Forms form embedding, Salesforce data collection


long form tips

Did you know? Formstack for Salesforce is the #1 native form builder for Salesforce. Learn more about what native means and how it helps you get more value out of your Salesforce experience.

Forms: How and Why to Use Formstack Go

If you need a way to capture data electronically without an internet connection, Formstack Go is your new best friend. Our mobile app just went through an amazing update, which includes a new look, better reporting, and improved features.

Formstack Forms: How and Why to Use Formstack Go

Description: Nothing is more frustrating than an unstable internet connection ruining your work. Learn how Formstack Go can help you avoid this problem by allowing you to easily collect data from anywhere, at any time. Senior Support Specialist James provides a thorough explanation of this app and how you can best use it.

Time: 14:47

Level up your knowledge on: mobile data collection, one question at a time feature, offline data capture


We hope these webinars help you level up your Formstack knowledge. If you’re interested in testing your new-found knowledge, check out our Formstack Certification program. Become more confident and proficient in data management and Formstack’s products, plus get specialty badges for your LinkedIn profile.

Want even more Formstack tips and tricks? Check out all of our free educational webinars to learn how to transform your data collection processes with our most popular tools and features.


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Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay is the Content Marketing Manager at Formstack, splitting her time between creating blog content, writing reports, and hosting Formstack's Practically Genius podcast. She's a proud graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism (MIZ!) and loves connecting with others on LinkedIn.
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