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Meet Formstack’s Customer Success Team

Lindsay McGuire
February 10, 2022
Min Read

Did you know that Formstack has an entire team dedicated to customer success? That’s right! We have a team ready and waiting to help our customers get up and running with our products. Our Customer Success team’s sole purpose is to be the go-to resource for customers on how to best use Formstack products. 

Let’s take some time to really get to know this team, from what they do to who they are. 

What does Formstack’s Customer Success team do? 

Relationships matter is a core value of Formstack, and our Customer Success team is a shining example of this value in action. This team is responsible for taking care of our customers and ensuring they are successful in reaching their goals. 

But who better to tell you about what a team does than the actual team themselves? Customer Success Manager (CSM) Taylor Huerta explains they are, “responsible for onboarding new clients, which involves training and being their trusted advisors, as well as goal and success planning for their organization and Formstack.” 

Dani Montano, Senior Enterprise Customer Success Manager, believes the role of a CSM is to be an advocate for customers. “I make sure my customers are getting value from our product through training and education. I also help identify opportunities for them to optimize their daily workflow with Formstack.” The team achieves this by sharing their expert Formstack knowledge through email support, trainings, troubleshooting, and strategy sessions. 

Porter Speakman, Customer Success Team Lead, echoes Dani’s thoughts by saying, “I like to tell our customers that I am their advocate here at Formstack. Having a single point of contact and building that relationship is extremely helpful, as the CSM has context to the solutions and challenges our customers are working to solve.”

CSMs act as knowledgeable Formstack guides to our customers. They work cross-functionally with support, sales, and product teams to ensure customers are receiving the best service, support, and product experience. They quickly become a familiar name and face and can assist with any product needs or questions. 

Did you know? For those more complicated projects that need dedicated time and personnel, use our Professional Services team! They provide experts who can get your next Formstack project off the ground. 

What makes our Success team special? 

It’s part people and part strategy that makes our Customer Success team special. It’s made up of a group of incredibly dedicated Formstack experts who have a passion for helping others. In order to serve our customers, our Success team focuses on hiring the right people and then providing them the right tools, strategy, and guidance to make them–and our customers– successful.  

Our People 

Solving complex workplace problems alongside customers takes a very special person. CSMs need to be great listeners and problem solvers who are able to dissect issues and quickly come up with solutions. 

That’s why hiring the right people is a key component of Lauren Kofeldt’s job. As the Director of Customer Success, she has focused on building a team filled with, “natural problem solvers with strong communication skills who truly understand how customers are approaching problems and can implement and/or advocate for solutions.”

The Success team recently had a winter themed Zoom background competition on a team call. Whose do you like best? 

The supportive nature of the team is also key to their success. As a CSM, you must handle all types of problems, questions, and challenges. When you know your teammates are more than happy to help you brainstorm solutions, you feel more confident in taking on anything thrown your way. 

“Our team comes from all different experiences, backgrounds, and places,” says Taylor. “I think we all are working towards the same goal and constantly encouraging each other to be the best we can be. I have never been a part of a team like this where we are as supportive and motivating as we are. Our team wouldn't be as successful as we are without the leadership from our Director, Lauren, and team leads, Dani and Porter.”

Formstack jobs

Our Strategy 

Building a strong team is key to providing customers optimal service and support. But those team members need to be provided the right tools and knowledge to be successful. Lauren Kofeldt, Director of Customer Success, is in charge of this. Her mission is to strategically plan, build, and lead our customer success and implementation teams.

“My goal is to ensure our team has the resources, data, tools, and education necessary to serve our clients on their journey with Formstack. I truly believe that empowered CSMs empower their clients,” she says. 

Formstack’s CSM team strategy also makes them unique when compared to CSM teams at other organizations. Porter points out that, “many times CSMs deal with one particular product. At Formstack, we have multiple products that our customers can utilize. Customer Success Managers at Formstack can assist on all the products so our customers can focus more on solutions.”

At the end of the day, our CSM team is on a mission to deliver excellent customer service to our clients. Their goal is to show customers how they can get the most value out of the Formstack products in their tech stack. “Our team truly understands our customers’ use cases and business objectives to ensure that their desired outcome becomes a reality while using Formstack products,” says Lauren. 

Learn More: Check out our customer webinars to get great Formstack tips, tricks, and pointers from our most experienced ‘Stackers. 

Who are our Success team members? 

Just like our partners and customers, our team members are located around the world. Below, we put faces to the names quoted above. 

Dani has been in Customer Success for eight years and prides herself on working with the company’s top Enterprise customers. 

Outside of Formstack, she mentors and supports the educational dreams of high-achieving high school students from low-income households across Colorado by providing them with the help and guidance they need to get into and succeed at the college of their choice.

Dani lives in Colorado and loves all things outdoors–hiking, boating, and skiing with her husband and 2 kids.

Porter lives in Monument, Colorado, with his wife, son, and Beagle named Aspen. He loves to travel and lived overseas for 11 years in Europe and the Middle East. His perfect weekend is grilling, watching ice hockey and movies, and going on a short hike. 

Taylor lives just outside of Chicago, Illinois. She loves to be anywhere that is sunny and has live music. This love of music recently inspired her to start a vinyl record collection. She’s always laughing and is usually the loudest person in the room. 

Lauren lives in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area and has a legal background. She worked in the legal technology industry for 10 years as a CSM and People Leader before joining Formstack in 2020. Her love of the outdoors fuels her passion for hiking, which is pretty limited in Indiana. She enjoys watching all the Star Wars and Marvel shows and also loves to read. Her favorite book is Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. 

Customer success starts with this team! 

It doesn’t take much time for customers who are paired with a CSM to see the impact they make. From providing training and troubleshooting to resources and support, our CSMs are the key to many of our customers’ Formstack success. 

Want to get to know our other teams better? Check out our Instagram for more insights into the teams who make Formstack run! 


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Lindsay McGuire
Lindsay is the Content Marketing Manager at Formstack, splitting her time between creating blog content, writing reports, and hosting Formstack's Practically Genius podcast. She's a proud graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism (MIZ!) and loves connecting with others on LinkedIn.
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