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Formstack and Penrod Enable Patient Intake and Diabetes Management

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April 20, 2022
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Below is an article written by Penrod about one of their clients finding their ideal workflow automation solution through the combined integrations of Formstack and Penrod.

One of Pendrod’s clients is an innovative medical device company focusing on real-time diabetes management and lessening the daily burden of patients living with the disease. A critical piece of that mission is interacting with both healthcare providers and patients with diabetes in ways that are easy to use, flexible, and dynamic. 


The client in question came to both Formstack and Penrod to build key-critical forms that would assist in managing their relationship with providers, assist in intake and onboarding new patients, and deliver personalized care via a smart app and connected insulin device. With Formstack’s HIPAA compliant form solutions and Penrod’s HIPAA certification, we were uniquely qualified to partner to capture sensitive patient data and  help healthcare providers manage their patients’ diabetes care with digital forms that controlled insulin intake.

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Four-Step Solution

The solution starts with healthcare providers setting up their patients with Formstack’s NativeCloud, which connects directly to Salesforce and ensures data is kept safe and confidential. 

  1. Providers fill out patient information and demographics. 

Then, fields on the form dynamically change to fit the patient's situation. For example, if the patient’s date of birth shows that they are under 18, a new section appears requiring Parent/Guardian information as well. 

  1. The provider fills out a form to select criteria like the type of diabetes the patient has, the insulin they use, and their dosages. 

This information gets sent to the patient’s app that talks directly to their device, telling it how much insulin to give based on the selections made. 

  1. Once these forms are complete, Formstack Sign is used for a doctor to sign a prescription. 

Formstack Documents creates a PDF of the prescription, and dynamic rules based on state-by-state regulations send the prescription to the appropriate place (for example, some states require prescriptions be sent to an intermediary pharmacy). 

  1. Once the intake process is done, integrations with Salesforce kick in to drive even more value. 

The forms are converted to records in Health Cloud for both the prescription and the patient, and links are sent out to a patient’s mobile device for them to complete their registration.

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The resulting solution allowed our client to deploy an entirely digital, HIPAA compliant intake process from the beginning. Being pre-FDA approval, the client had an incentive to be “technology first” and truly build their processes on a solid foundation ready for growth and scale. They are now able to create prescriptions and patient records and view patient data all thanks to a single form that integrates to Salesforce.

During the entire process, providers are supported in optimizing diabetes care and can easily change and manage prescriptions in a secure portal powered by the integration between Formstack and Salesforce. And clients are presented with better, more personalized care options than ever. 

To learn more about how NativeCloud can change they way you reach and care for patients, check out Formstack for Salesforce.


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