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Formstack and DocJuris Streamline Redlining Contracts

Partner Author
March 23, 2022
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Thanks to technological tools like Formstack, creating contracts is faster (and easier) than ever. But what happens when the contract needs to be edited and reviewed by multiple parties? How can you simplify the redlining process once a document has been merged in Formstack?

The answer: combine the powers of Formstack and DocJuris to create a seamless workflow for all your contracts.

Drafting Contracts with Formstack

Formstack is a product that allows users to complete documents, such as contracts, from a series of merge fields.

Instead of needing to draft a contract from scratch, users can simply fill out the required elements of a contract order form or terms and conditions to create a form of contract based on industry-specific conditions.

In many cases, though, the work isn’t done once the contract has been created. Even if a contract is merged, you may need to do any of the following:

  • Compare it against another document (i.e., run a redline)
  • Upload a new version from the other side and proceed with a markup/negotiation process using a dynamic playbook
  • Make changes and produce redlines for the counterparty after the document is merged but before it is delivered
  • Perform other tasks as necessary to the contract workflow process between a company and its counterparty
  • Draft a contract and produce an amendment from the markup

Many in-house legal departments still do these processes manually. Unfortunately, going that route takes up a lot of time (and money).

A better way to manage your contract after it’s been drafted is with software that can automate tasks and allow you to quickly and easily run redlines, integrate playbooks, add amendments, and more. That’s where DocJuris comes in.

How to Use DocJuris to Automate Redlining During Contract Negotiation

The video below will show you how easy it is to integrate Formstack with DocJuris to automate the contract negotiation process.

Step 1: Create and merge the contract

Start with a Formstack document that was automatically generated using Salesforce from an opportunity. In this case, we’re using a subscription order form (which, coincidentally, is what we actually use here at DocJuris to do deals).

We merge the document based on the fields and opportunities listed in the current environment setup using Salesforce.

Step 2: Deliver the contract to DocJuris

The merge represented the trigger. From there, we’ll create an action of delivering the document to DocJuris using Zapier or Power Automate using webhook.

Step 3: Use DocJuris to redline your contract

Once the document is in DocJuris, you have two options.

The first option is to take the document that’s been merged and apply a playbook, assign a contract type, or compare it against another document to run a comparison or redline.

The second option is to push the contract directly to analysis using DocJuris' AI contract review software. In this stage, you can do things like mark the contract up, apply a playbook, drop in limitation and liability clauses as necessary, add comments, upload a new term from the counterparty, start internal conversations, restrict certain activities, or send documents from DocJuris to the counterparty.

Step 4: Finalize your contract in DocJuris

You can conveniently flip through the document when it’s in the DocJuris platform. For example, you can look at all the defined terms or run a screening report to identify gaps in the agreement.

Importantly, you can redline the document directly from the DocJuris contract workflow management interface without having to go to another platform like Microsoft Word. You can also use the interface to compare other drafts or the other side of edits in a simple workflow.

Leverage the Technology of Formstack and DocJuris for Your Contracts

Now you know that there’s a better way to redline and negotiate the contracts you create in Formstack. By leveraging the technology of Formstack and DocJuris, procurement, sales, and legal teams can save time drafting, redlining, and negotiating contracts without sacrificing quality, integrity, or accuracy.

Check out all of Formstack’s product offerings to learn more ways to automate your workday.


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