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How Kandio Automated Contributor Marketplace Contracts Using Formstack Documents

Guest Author
June 2, 2020
Min Read

Kandio launched in 2018 with the vision of changing the way organizations assess potential job candidates. Their unique online assessment platform provides HR teams and hiring managers a simple way to assess tech talent to ensure qualified candidates get through the door.

A large part of their work is creating assessment tests for many different types of roles. As they grew, they realized they needed to build a contributor marketplace for these assessments. Here’s their story of how they used Formstack Documents and Podio to build an extensive contributor marketplace for online assessment tests published by the world’s leading technical gurus.

role modelsBackground on Kandio

Our contributors are now earning commission passively, and helping companies around the world recruit better people at the same time. Here’s a snapshot of our setup, so you can do the same with Formstack Documents and any other CRM system where you collect your data.

It’s essential to understand why this was a need in the first place, as Kandio was not always organized this way.

We are Kandio. We publish online assessment tests on behalf of leading, curated tech experts, and act as a medium in between to enable companies around the world with mighty Google-like recruitment power.

It doesn’t matter what you’re hiring. Maybe you need an SEO specialist to get you to the top of the search engines, or a WordPress Specialist to launch your new website idea. With Kandio, you don’t need to worry if you have the capabilities to hire in uncharted territory, as you’ll be equipped with tools and skills from the best thought leaders within any given vertical.

This is beneficial, as the very first question clients ask us is usually something along the following lines:

“How can I trust your assessment content? And why is it better than whatever I can find on Google? Or better than what I can think of myself?”

These are excellent questions that force us to keep up a competitive edge in our content strategy.

Streamlining Contributor Marketplace Contracts with Formstack Documents

Formstack Documents helps us ignite our contributor-engine, and streamline a range of complex tasks and processes within a variety of different stages.

Below you’ll find an in-depth look at how this was done. We’ll dig deepest in the areas that include Formstack documents, but feel free to reach out to me if you want us to elaborate on any steps.

The very first task is to get in front of the right people. Brilliant people are usually loaded with opportunities and deprived of time, so getting their attention is usually not easy.

We put together a list of the places where our prospects usually hang out online. Our prospects will usually interact and publish with other learning and knowledge-sharing platforms such as:

Through a data-scraping strategy, we defined a list of scripts to continually feed us with the names and contact information for role models who are specifically in demand, and who is showing an influence in their field. And best of all, these people usually believe in our business model and appreciate us reaching out.

We came up with an “Authority Score” that is based on the prospect’s influence online. In short, how likely people are to listen to any given individual.

Contracting and Signing

When a contributor indicates interest in the opportunity, we’ll escalate him into a contract that we generate dynamically from our CRM with Formstack Documents. We use Formstack Documents to easily handle a range of calculations, risk management, and design when creating the contract.

Niklas, Python Expert from Silicon Valley. He wrote our Python assessment test.

Andrei is the leading JavaScript instructor on Udemy, and author of our JavaScript assessment test.

Once the contract is signed, and their promotional material is finalized, we’ll receive their draft of content to us.

Every time we “e-ink” a contract, we look forward to launching the assessment material. This is the most thrilling part of running a contributor community.

Monthly Assessment Statement

The concluding step of our contributor automation is using Formstack Documents to generate a monthly report to all our contributors to report and visualize the performance of their test.

Formstack Documents ensures that we are always on time, on point, and on-design. Our statement includes an extended range of calculations and metrics – and of course, the final commission that is owed to the contributor.

Using Formstack Documents and our CRM, we created this process in only 12 months and attracted the very best of the internet to contribute stellar online assessment tests to us. And on top of that, we even outgrew anything alike in the realm of candidate assessment tests.

Wrapping Up

We can only conclude that Formstack has been an invaluable partner in forming and evolving our contributor universe.

Formstack Documents gives us the agility to bring any of our tabled contributor data to life in a thorough, beautiful, and timely way. It looks highly professional, and even though we spent tons of hours perfecting the flow, we were able to get going in hours with easy plug-and-play integrations and ready-built interfaces with simple input fields.

I have been a certified Formstack partner for more than five years, and this is by far the most impressive creation I have taken part in. As such, I can’t wait to see how future Formstack functionality will be able to help us ramp up efforts even more.

Kasper Dam
CEO and Founder of Kandio

Do you have a question about how Kandio accomplished this project? Find them on Twitter to connect about how they built a streamlined and successful contributor marketplace with Formstack Documents.

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