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5 Workflows to Automate Your Work with Formstack and Microsoft

Lacey Jackson
June 9, 2021
Min Read

You may have heard that Formstack now integrates with your favorite Microsoft solutions. With the power of Formstack and Microsoft, users can transform the way they collect, update, and maintain data within Microsoft systems to support increased workplace productivity.

Specifically, the Formstack Forms + Power Automate integration unlocks numerous possibilities for businesses to reduce manual data entry and inefficient processes. Once connected, users will instantly be able to build dynamic workflows and send form submissions to multiple Microsoft products such as:

  • Microsoft Dynamics—by creating new records or updating existing immediately upon submission
  • Microsoft Teams—which can send notifications to any Team member when a form submission has been completed
  • Microsoft Excel Online—adding a new line item to a spreadsheet upon form submission
  • Sharepoint—uploading a file or creating a new item
  • OneDrive—uploading files directly from form submission to a OneDrive account

Today, we’re going to look at five powerful workflows you can build with Formstack and Microsoft to automate your most tedious tasks so you can focus on more important work. 

Add New or Prospective Customer Data to Microsoft Dynamics 

By connecting Formstack Forms with Microsoft Dynamics, you can automate the creation of Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts using your form submissions. Automating this workflow can save hours you may have spent manually entering this data into Microsoft Dynamics.  

Additionally, this integration allows you to update data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When a form is submitted with data matching a record in your CRM, Microsoft Dynamics is able to identify and match that data to the existing records. This allows your customers to quickly and easily provide your team with updated contact information or attach important files to record, such as signed contracts or receipts. 

Watch This: Check out this video tutorial to learn how you can connect your Formstack Forms to your Microsoft Dynamics account.

Update Excel Spreadsheets 

Microsoft Excel is a simple, but powerful tool. From higher education to finance, Microsoft Excel allows any type of organization to clean and organize their data. However, using Excel can be an especially manual process. Often users must initially spend hours inputting data into cells before they are able to use the information to make decisions. 

With the Formstack Forms to Microsoft Excel integration, you can use submitted form data to create new lines in an Excel spreadsheet. For anyone managing an ongoing budgets, lengthy and evolving lists, or Gantt charts, this integration will help your team stay up-to-date by automating data entry. The integration does it all for you! 

Watch This: Check out this video tutorial to learn how you can add form data to your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. 

Keep Your Team Informed of New Leads

Your business is constantly trying to provide the best possible customer experience. Your customers expect swift, digital-first experiences which makes responding quickly to new customer requests is critical. By integrating your Formstack Forms with Microsoft Teams, you can easily stay on top of new leads. 

For example, you might add a Contact Us form to your website. When prospective customers submit data to the form, this integration will send a message to a Teams channel so someone on your team can respond as soon as possible.   

Watch This: Check out this video tutorial to learn how you can send messages to Microsoft Teams when a form is submitted

Upload Signed Customer Contracts to OneDrive

Keeping your cloud-storage solution organized can be tricky. So, automating where you can is extremely helpful. With our Formstack Forms to OneDrive integration, documents, files, and photos submitted on your forms can be automatically uploaded to a specific folder in your account. You won’t have to worry about team members forgetting to add a document or uploading files to the wrong folder. This integration allows you to set it and forget it! 

Watch This: Check out this video tutorial to learn how you can upload files submitted on your Formstack Forms to Microsoft OneDrive

Send Completed Files to Folders in Sharepoint 

If your preferred cloud-storage or document management tool is Sharepoint, we’ve got you covered. With the Formstack Forms to SharePoint integration, users can automatically send documents, files, and photos submitted on a Formstack Form directly to a specified SharePoint folder. Once again, this integration will save you time, keep you organized, and eliminate errors made during uploads. 

Watch This: Check out this video tutorial to learn how you can upload files submitted on your Formstack Forms to Microsoft Sharepoint

Work Just Got Easier

Whether you’re a marketer or an accountant, Formstack and Microsoft offer the ability to save you hours of time on manual data entry. These five use cases are just a glimpse at what’s possible. With Formstack’s no-code platform and Microsoft PowerAutomate’s flexible solution, your team can build any process they can think up--without putting in an IT request. 

Ready to automate your workday with Formstack and Microsoft? Check out the video below for a step-by-step video tutorial to get started today.


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Lacey Jackson
Lacey is a Product Marketing Manager at Formstack who is dedicated to creating content that showcases the power of the Formstack Platform. When she’s not creating Formstack Builders tutorials, she can be found reading, playing board games, or strolling with her dog. Lacey is a graduate of Franklin College.
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