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10 Commonly Reported Form Errors: Part Two

Amy Jorgenson
November 12, 2013
Min Read

Running into errors with your form? As a support specialist, I talk to hundreds of Formstack customers a week, and I come across some errors more than others. Because of this, I wanted to list 10 of my most commonly reported errors (and how to fix them!) in a two-part blog series. Whether you're having form problems or not, check out this list as a reference for future issues you might encounter.

Last week, I posted the first five errors that I hear about most frequently. Today, we will cover the last five errors on my list:

5. “Please fill in a valid value for all required fields.”

This error will pop up at the time of submission if you have either not answered a required field, OR if your answer is not in the proper format (i.e. email address, phone, or address field).

6. “My CVC field is dropping off the first digit if it is a “0”.”

Switch the field to a Short Answer field; Number fields do not accept “0” as the first digit.

7. Credit Card field error on form.

When this error appears, it means you need to:

  1. Enable SSL under the Settings > Security tab.
  2. Either integrate an on-form payment processor (i.e. PayPal Pro or Authorize.net) to handle the payment processing OR encrypt your database if you want to collect the full credit card numbers for manual payment.

8. “I embedded my form on my website and the formatting is now all out of whack.” or “I embedded my form on my website and other widgets on the page broke.”

A lot of times existing code on your site will conflict with code on the embedded form, causing formatting issues. You can try to troubleshoot the conflicting code or just use the iframe embed code to embed the form on your site. The iframe embed code can be found under the Publish > Embed Form tab in your Formstack account.

If the problem is that something else on your site broke (javascript), you can try checking to remove jquery under the Javascript Embed Script. If that doesn’t work, try the iframe embed method.

9. “My fields or leads are not transferring to my 3rd party integration.”

Constant Contact: If individuals are not being added to your lists in Constant Contact, refresh your list selection selection via the top right corner of the section in the integration settings (Settings > Integration Hub > Constant Contact). Your lists may just be out of sync with Formstack.

  • Google Docs: Refresh your spreadsheet via the green refresh arrows next to the sheet selections. If you make any changes to your spreadsheet in Google, you MUST refresh the sheet in Formstack.
  • Salesforce: Refresh your Objects via the green refresh arrows in the top right corner of the object section. If you make any changes to your fields or Objects in Salesforce, you MUST refresh the Objects in Formstack.

Payment Processors, Constant Contact, and other Email Marketing platforms: If you want to pass customer information fields over to your 3rd party application, you need to map the fields from the optional Customer Information section in the integration settings to fields on your form.

10. “I am not receiving Notification Emails.”

If you have a Notification Email set up under the Settings > Emails & Redirects tab with only one email address added per line, chances are you have set it up correctly (assuming the email addresses are valid). First, check your SPAM folder. If they aren’t in there, the emails must be getting stuck at the server level on your end (or email service providers’ end). There are a few things you can do to help ensure delivery to your inbox:

  1. If you have an IT staff, have them whitelist Formstack.com, so the emails don't get blocked at the server level.
  2. Try changing the FROM address on the emails from the email address of the person filling out the form to “noreply@formstack.com” under the Notification Email settings.
  3. Use an email address at a different ISP, such as Gmail, for your Notification Email settings, rather than one with a unique email address domain.

If you are still having issues, it could be a PEBKAC error: Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. :)

You may want to have another member of your team put their eyes on it! Or, please email our Support Team at support [at] formstack [dot] com and we’d be happy to help troubleshoot. You can also visit our Support site at support.formstack.com for more help.


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Amy Jorgenson
Amy is a former member of the Customer Experience team at Formstack, where she helped solve form building issues and provided insights to make customers' Formstack experience easier.
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