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A Side-by-Side Comparison

What is the best online form builder?

Formstack and Wufoo are both great online form builders and leaders in the industry. But when you dig a little deeper, there are a few differences that make Formstack stand out as a Wufoo alternative.

How we stack up on features.

Formstack is a powerful Wufoo alternative with sophisticated features. This comparison of other online form builders details the differences of Formstack vs Wufoo, as well as other competitors.

Google Forms
Gravity Forms
Drag and Drop
Themes & CSS
Conditional Logic
Form Importer


A/B Testing
Campaign Tracking
Google Analytics
Facbook Tab Embed
Field Bottlenecks
Partial Submissions
Social Autofill

Data Collection

Confirmation & Redirects
Data Routing
Data Import/Export
Email Logic
Field Validation
File Uploads
Save & Resume
Webhooks & API

Payments & Security

Calculating Fields
Discount Codes
E-mail Confirmation
Payment Processors
Electronic Signatures

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3 Advanced Features You Can't Get With Wufoo

Social Autofill

While Wufoo has nice social media features, they are missing one easy way to get more leads to fill out your forms. Formstack's Social Autofill feature lets users autofill form fields with their Facebook and Google+ profiles - all in one click.

Field Bottlenecks

Look for opportunities to optimize your online forms with field bottlenecks. See which fields are causing potential leads to drop out, and improve your form to get more conversions.

Google Analytics

Understand all the ins and outs of your web traffic with our Google Analytics plugin. Learn where your traffic is coming from, what devices are used by viewers, and how long visitors remain on your form.

Wufoo and Formstack Overages Comparison

Wufoo charges $0.05 per extra submission.

Don't worry about overage fees with Formstack! You will continue to receive overflow submissions via email even when your account is full.

Wufoo and Formstack Mobile Apps Comparison

Wufoo only provides 128-bit SSL.

Get superior security with Formstack. We have 256-bit SSL, PGP email encryption, and data encryption on all paid accounts.

Convert More Leads with Formstack.

Get your forms out of the dinosaur age and make the switch to Formstack with a 14 day FREE trial.

14-Day Free Trial

"This tool is phenomenal. Formstack is so much easier to use, and the functionality is unsurpassed."

Tiffany Tobol, Creative: MMS

"Formstack is far more intuitive than Wufoo or other services I've tried."

Marie Reynolds, Mount Laurel Schools

"I did find it really stupidly simple to create a form–even one with some complexity–so it is elegant software that perfectly fits a bill."

Todd Kasenberg, Principal, Guiding Star Communications and Consulting