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Seamless Workflow Management

Break down productivity barriers and take back lost time
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Formstack's cloud based workflow management system

Picture the most annoying, repetitive process you manage at work every day. What if you could automate that process and forget about it? Imagine what you could accomplish.

Formstack's workflow management solution makes it easy to streamline processes and get work done. Set up seamless digital workflows in minutes with the help of powerful forms, surveys, documents, integrations, and signatures. Browse through our selection of workflow automation tools below to find a personalized solution that works for you.

Transform the way you get work done.


Simplify your data collection.

Capture data with mobile-friendly forms that can be shared anywhere. Use our drag and drop builder to create your forms in minutes, or get started with a template. You can collect payments, administer surveys, gather feedback, and even collect data offline.

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Streamline your data workflows.

Let team members across your organization review and edit data on a single online form. With the Workflows add-on, you can simplify your workflow management by transforming bulky processes into automated workflows that help you streamline repetitive tasks and identify efficiency bottlenecks.

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Generate custom documents.

Transform the data you collect into beautifully designed PDFs, Word docs, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations. You can send your documents to different places depending on the triggers you set. Attach files to emails, store them in the cloud, and more.

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electronic signatures

Collect electronic signatures.

Don't let the wait for a signature hold up your team. Formstack Sign lets you capture electronic signatures on your documents without needing a third-party app. Get documents signed quickly and automatically delivered to clients and team members.

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data anywhere

Sync data across systems.

Reduce data chaos with a bi-directional data sync between your marketing automation and CRM systems. Formstack Sync allows each of your teams to use the right systems for their needs while ensuring smooth processes and consistent data across departments.

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A smart workflow management solution from start to finish

Here's an example of how Formstack's workflow automation tools can
work together to help you streamline your processes.

Dave completes a sales form on your website.

His data is simultaneously emailed to a member of your sales team and sent to your CRM system.

Dave completes a sales
Connecting Line
CRM syncs marketing system

Your CRM syncs with your marketing system.

Once new data enters your CRM, it's automatically updated in your marketing automation system.

Connecting Line

This data also triggers the creation of a document.

The information collected on your form is used to automatically generate a custom sales proposal.

Document creation triggered
Connecting Line
Proposal reviewed and signed

The proposal is reviewed and signed by the client.

After signing the proposal via Formstack Sign, a final copy is sent to Dave and stored in Stash.

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