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What Does It Mean to Be an Empowered Patient?

Patient empowerment has emerged as the new paradigm. In this guide, we’re taking a deep dive into frequently asked questions about patient data access, price transparency, and interoperability.

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On March 9, 2020, Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) finally released Cures Act Final Rules.

This update was heralded as a major win for patient empowerment. Statistics show that healthcare data access, pricing transparency, and empowerment encourage patients to follow through with care plans resulting in better outcomes. But what does it mean to be an empowered patient?

In this white paper, we’re providing our answers to some common questions about patient empowerment.

  • What impact does access to health information have on patient health?
  • How can healthcare providers empower patients to improve their care?
  • Will the healthcare landscape change following recent federal regulations?

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