Harnessing the Power of Micro-Moments in Marketing

Harness the power of Micro-Moments

Successful marketing relies on adapting to human behavior. Nothing has changed behavior more than the intersection of the internet and mobile technology. You can capitalize on this massive shift by harnessing the power of micro-moments. But what are micro-moments and how can you use them to create smart marketing pieces that convert?

In this four-part mini-webinar series, you'll discover how to take advantage of micro-moments, what Google calls the "new mental model for marketing." Industry experts will share how to turn these small, intent-driven moments into major returns. You'll leave each webinar with expert insights, new ideas, and actionable tips.

Join Formstack marketers on Wednesdays at 2:00 PM ET for four weeks as we team up with marketing experts from a variety of industries to discuss all sides of micro-moments in quick, 20-minute webinars. If you want to see higher conversions and better results in 2019, sign up for this mini-webinar series now!

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Micro-Moments Webinar Series

Episode 1:
What are Micro-Moments?

What are micro-moments and how can you harness their power to make better marketing decisions? Learn all about why micro-moments matter and how to maximize these windows of opportunity to increase conversions, sales, and customers.

Mark Traphagen headshot

Mark Traphagen
Content Strategy Director
Perficient Digital

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Episode 2:
Building a Content Marketing Strategy for Micro-Moments

If your content strategy doesn't include mobile influences like micro-moments, your business is missing out on major wins. Discover what micro-moments and keyword strategies you need to focus on to deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right audience.

Andy Fuller headshot

Andy Fuller
Director of Strategic Content
University of Notre Dame

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Episode 3:
Social Media as a Collection of Micro-Moments

The most mobile form of marketing is a major hot spot for micro-moments. From sustaining timely conversations with customers to gaining momentum from current trends, find out which micro-moments matter on social media and how your business can tap into them.

Sarah Evans headshot

Sarah Evans
Corporate Digital Consultant & Owner
Sevans Strategy

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Episode 4:
Strengthening Your Brand Reputation Using Micro-Moments

Maximizing the "I-want-to-buy" micro-moment is a must along the customer journey, and online reputation plays a key role. Discover smart strategies for reputation management and how to guide leads from initial searches and research to final purchases and good reviews.

MK Getler headshot

MK Getler
Director of Demand Generation

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