How LoveYourBrain Fast-Tracked Course Registrations in Salesforce

For the LoveYourBrain Foundation, data collection was a challenge. As a nonprofit dedicated to providing educational support to people with traumatic brain injuries, the foundation needed a smooth, error-free way to collect course registrations and send data to Salesforce.

To streamline their process, the LoveYourBrain team turned to Traction on Demand and Formstack. Through Formstack’s native Salesforce app and Traction’s expertise in implementation, LoveYourBrain was able to crush manual data entry and open up more time to focus on their mission.

Join our latest webinar to get an inside look at how LoveYourBrain transformed their course registration process. We’ll share strategies and insights that will help you overcome your own data collection challenges.

In this webinar, you will learn:


How to accelerate your online data collection


How to create smarter forms for your business


Easy implementation strategies for Salesforce