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The Art of Building Highly Engaged, Productive Teams


In today's bustling workplace, productivity can be a major challenge. There is so much that can distract you from completing your projects, whether it's checking email, catching up on the latest blog post, or dealing with the special challenges that remote workplaces now bring to the table.

At Formstack, we know the struggle. With our form builder, we help thousands of businesses improve their efficiency and workflow every day. To help you become more productive, we’re teaming up on an AMA-style webinar with Zapier, a web automation app that lets you connect to other apps. In other words, they’re productivity pros. We'll each share our own experiences (including the rewards and challenges that remote working brings) and answer any questions you may have on the best ways to create a happy, successful, and productive workplace.

In this webinar, you will learn:


Andrew Clark thumbnail

Andrew Clark

Former Chief of Staff
at Formstack

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Alison Groves

Partnerships and Community
at Zapier