Cyber Risk Management: Keeping ePHI Secure


With the evolution of modern healthcare, many facilities have felt the push to replace their paper-based processes with electronic health record solutions and other automation tools. But the online world is fraught with risk, and HIPAA violations due to cyber attacks and data loss can cost millions of dollars. Adopting new technology is essential for success, but what's the best way to protect your organization in the process?

To answer this question, we're teaming up with George Bailey, Senior Advisor of Health IT Security at Purdue Healthcare Advisors, to share expert advice on HIPAA compliance and the complexities of managing electronic protected health information (ePHI). Learn about the common data security issues you need to watch for, and discover how to create secure online forms and automated workflows that safeguard your data while enhancing patient care and satisfaction.

In this webinar, you will learn:


Andrew Clark thumbnail

Andrew Clark

Former Chief of Staff
at Formstack

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George Bailey

Senior Advisor - Health IT Security
at Purdue Health Advisors