Creating The Ultimate Buyer Experience with Better Data

In a world of 8-second attention spans and pesky "promotions" tabs, marketers are clamoring to find the best ways to communicate their messages to buyers. But are your efforts actually resonating with the right people? During this webinar adapted from our presentation at Marketing United 2016, we'll show you how to assess your existing customer base for buyer behaviors and determine the best way to gather data on your target market. Using real-life examples of how Formstack has achieved this research, Ashley Walsh, our Director of Marketing, will share best practices on how to ask the right questions on your forms and understand the patterns in your data to create segmentations for your perfect persona.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • 1

    What a buyer persona is and why it matters to your strategy

  • 2

    Common mistakes to avoid when marketing to prospects

  • 3

    Which top tools you should use for creating your buyer persona

  • 4

    Best practices for building the perfect persona for your business


  • Ashley Walsh

    Ashley Walsh

    Director of Marketing Operations at Formstack