How to Build a Killer Salesforce Tech Stack

Creating the ideal tech stack for your Salesforce clients is about using the right systems. To help you improve your AppExchange strategy and create accounts faster, we are bringing you the story of an SI, who will share how he makes the best product recommendations for his clients.

Join us to learn how to decide whether to build or buy systems for your clients, and discover what strategies other Salesforce systems integrators are using to choose and vet apps from the AppExchange. We'll also show you how SI's are using Formstack to successfully optimize their tech stacks with powerful Salesforce-native forms and surveys.

In this webinar, you will learn:


How to create a go-to Salesforce tech stack for your business


How other SIs make the build vs. buy decision for their clients


How to help your clients succeed with Salesforce-ready forms


Clint Buechler

Clint Buechler

Product Marketing Manager at Formstack

Dee Guttikonda

Dee Guttikonda

Managing Director, Formstack for Salesforce at Formstack