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Manage User Accounts

Learn how to add new users and manage
permissions within your account.


Video Transcript

In this video we'll show you how to create new users and manage existing users on your account. To create a new user, go to My Account > Users and click the add a new user option. Enter the new users email address, their name, and their location time zone. Next to choose to access levels. Either the ability to create templates and/or forms or full administrative access. Each new user will be given a temporary password. They can use this to login initially and then change their password thereafter. Lastly you have the option to send the user their login information via email or through one of your previously created forms.

Once the user has been created in your account, you can edit them at any time by clicking on the user and updating the information. You can change their permissions by using the widgets on the left hand side of the page. You can delete users at any time by mousing over the user and clicking the Delete icon. When deleting users there are a few important things of note. First, you must be an administrative user to delete other users. Next, if you need to delete an administrative user you must take away their admin permission level and then you'll have the ability to delete the account. Lastly, if you delete a user their forms will not be deleted from the account. The number of users allowed per account is dependent on your account level. To see how many users you have versus how many are available, go to your dashboard page and look under account snapshot.

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Managing Users

Learn how to add new users and manage permissions within your account.

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