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Manage and Export Data

See how to manage data and ways to export
or share it within the app.


Video Transcript

In this video we'll look at managing and exporting your submitted data. When you start collecting submissions, you'll be able to view an export this data through the submissions menu on your form. In this menu you'll find a listing of all submitted forms. Submissions highlighted in green represent your new or unread submissions. Click on a submission to view additional information or to edit or delete the submission. You may also progress to the first, previous, next, or last submission in your report. The Report tab at the far left will show you which report you’re viewing. You can click on the title to be taken back to the report main page. You can quickly update your submissions by marking them and choosing one of the action items listed in the drop down below.

In this example I marked a few of my submissions as favorite for easier identification. You can set up reports to view your submissions by preset filters. To create a report, click the NEW button at the top of the page. Once the report has been created you can click the Filter button to add your parameters. When viewing your submissions or reports you can adjust the column view by clicking the columns button and adding or removing fields from your form. These will appear in your submissions view. You may choose to export your submissions from your account at any time. You can choose to export a select listing of submissions by choosing them and then selecting your export option from the drop down below. Alternatively, you may export all your submissions in your report view. A neat feature in the submissions menu is the chart reports tool. To view charts click on the chart tab in the upper right corner of the page.

If you do not have charts setup, you can click the Manage charts button to add and remove charts from your view. Fields eligible for chart views include select lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, matrix, and number fields. You can edit a chart by mousing over the chart and clicking the edit icon in the lower left corner. In here you'll be able to change your chart type you'll also be able to adjust the view. I can expand the chart for easier viewing. To save the chart I can print or download. There are some tools to help manage your submissions. First we have a search queue to help locate specific submissions on your form. We also have an import option which allows you to import your CSV lists into the Formstack database. You may choose to share your reports via URL link. This allows others to view the submitted data without logging into your account. When you choose to share the data, a share link button will appear. Lastly, we offer some viewing options. Here you can expand the view of the page info. As always you can get a quick view of your alltime submissions in the dashboard menu of your account. You can also get individual form statistics in the form overview page of your form.

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Manage & Export Data

See how to manage data and ways to export or share it within the app.

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