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How to Add a Form to Your Website

Learn how to add a form to your website or blog.


Video Transcript

Adding forms into your website is the best way to increase conversions. This might sound scary, but Formstack makes it really simple by handling the complex coding for you.

After you build a form, we generate a short embed code, which we’ll cover in a moment. All you have to do is copy and paste that code into the html of your web page.

Embedding a form basically means you’re implanting that form into a page of your website. It’s the same form, just being rendered on your site. The beauty here is that you don’t have to re-embed the form every time you make a change to it. When you web page loads, the embed code “communicates” with Formstack to render the most up-to-date version of your form. In other words, your form changes always show in real-time.

You have 3 embed code options with Formstack. Javascript, Lightbox, and iFrame. Our JavaScript embed code is our lightest and most flexible way of embedding your form. 99% of you want to use this version. It’s also best at retaining adaptive size in the browser.

Using the Lightbox embed code places a button on the side of your page that allows the user to click and open your form. The form will then pop up and display over the current page for a seamless look. The lightbox is really great for forms that don’t fit into your page design.

The iframe embed code should only be used for ASP.NET websites or any site where the javascript embed code won’t work. Formstack has also built plugins with WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, as well as a Facebook tab plugin. These plugins let you easily pull in your forms to those respective platforms.

The tricky part here is knowing where to place the embed code. If you don’t typically make your website edits, check with the person who does before embedding. If you’re ready to try it yourself, use the Element Inspector built into your browser, to help discover where in your html the embed code should be placed.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this video and gotten some helpful tips on how to add a form to your website. Let us know how your conversion rates improve after embedding your forms. If this video was helpful, make sure to pass it on to a friend or leave us a comment below.

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2 min 17 sec

How to Add a Form to Your Website

We explain an embed code, cover the 3 ways of embedding Formstack forms, and show you the element inspector.

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